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Colourful Creative bathrooms
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Colourful Creative bathrooms

Posted by Adam Chard in Style guides | 6 years ago 5 min read

As the years have gone by, the general trend in bathroom colours has changed dramatically.

From the eye-watering pink and avocado bathroom suites of the 80s to the blues and browns of the 90s, the 21st Century heralded a cleaner and more pared back look. Nowadays, the bathroom is a much whiter and more muted place to be, with large blank expanses and minimalist style the preferred choice. Blacks and greys are used as accent colours, meaning monochrome bathrooms are now the on-trend style that many people go for.

However, there is a revolution coming... It’s a trend we’re calling “Colourful Creative” and it’s all about bringing the colour and fun back into your bathroom space.

Whilst it may not topple monochrome from its lofty perch as the bathroom colour palette of choice, it will certainly provide plenty of room for you to get creative!


What is Colourful Creative?

Perfect for creative people, or those with younger children, Colourful Creative is all about bringing fun and vibrancy to your bathroom through the use of a livelier colour scheme. By using contrasting or even clashing colours, you can bring a more youthful feel to your decor, and the beauty of this trend is, you can really go to town on the personal detail.

One great way of achieving this is through colour blocking, a method that has spilled over from the world of fashion. By introducing areas of bold colour within your room design, through wall coverings, furniture or accessories, your bathroom will take on a more playful look, whilst still feeling sophisticated. The choice of colours really is up to your own personal preference. Go for bold primary colours, or tone things down a little with pastels.

Our Stylist Nicky has identified two different approaches you could take:

Ab Fab Colourful Creative mood board

Ab Fab Colourful Creative mood board

With more than a passing reference to the swinging sixties, with the "Ab Fab" look we have used accessories to really bring out a bold pop of colour. Forget subtlety, this is all about vibrancy and you can achieve it through your choice of bathroom lighting, soft furnishings such as rugs and mats, and those all-important accessories. Look for striking, geometric patterns when choosing soft furnishings, and use unique shapes to create something that is personal to you.

Playful Colourful Creative mood board

Playful Colourful Creative mood board

The playful approach is ideal for families with young children, as you can get them involved with the design and produce a bright, colourful shared space. Soft blocking is a great way to create a decor that's fun and exciting, by using textured cut out shapes or tiles, that both look and feel interesting. Use pastels, rather than bold, bright colours, to keep things a little softer, and incorporate these colours in your choice of wall coverings.

Give your accessories and coverings a more "playful placement" by positioning things at a slightly more jaunty angle and introduce "kidult" designs—a mix of patterns and shapes which look childlike in their approach, but actually suit both adults and children alike.

Colourful Creative Tips

If a full bathroom makeover doesn’t quite fit your budget or your plans, there are some smaller things you can do, that’ll make a big impact:

  • Put up some colourful bathroom wallpaper
  • Hang bunting
  • Add transfers, stencils or stickers
  • Create a feature wall with pastel coloured bathroom paints
  • Add inspirational quotes or some colourful prints or frames
  • Paint accessories
  • Buy a coloured bath

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Author, Adam Chard

Posted by Adam Chard in Style guides | 6 years ago

A born & raised West Countryman, now living on the Yorkshire Coast, for over 10 years Adam has been bringing home interior ideas to life at Victoria Plum. Adam’s favourite interior styles have been shaped by both urban and natural influences.

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