Did you know that today, the 7th October, is National Bathtub Day?

To celebrate this national event, we are encouraging you all to skip the shower, get the bubbles out and head for the bath instead. Here at VictoriaPlum.com we are big fans of a long soak in a bubble bath, so here are our top tips for creating the best bath.


A bubble bath is no good without the bubbles, I’m sure you had figured that out already. When adding bubbles make sure you do this right at the beginning, when you start filling your tub, this will help to create the right amount of bubbles. Too many and they end up all over your floor and too little? ...well there really isn’t much point!


Pick a scented bath oil to add to your bath. Floral scents such as lavender, jasmine and rose are all linked with relaxation and add to your state of relaxation. Sprinkle your oil into the tub when it is around half full, this will help it disperse evenly throughout the water.

Harrison Freestanding Bath

The Harrison freestanding bath - the ideal bath in which to celebrate Bathtub Day


Candles give off a lovely warm light which helps you relax and enjoy some quiet time in the tub. Those bright lights that are typically found in a bathroom, will simply tell your body that it’s not time to relax!

Not too hot. Not too cold

Getting the temperature right is a must for the perfect bath. A warm bath will help you relax, but a hot bath will make you feel like you are boiling alive and a cold bath will give you goose bumps. The ideal water temperature for a warm bath is said to be 92 degrees Fahrenheit.

Relaxing music

Relaxing music is another simple way to help you wind down. A nice chill-out soundtrack will really help to soothe your mood and let your mind drift.

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