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5 ways to create the perfect relaxing bath

5 ways to create the perfect relaxing bath

Posted by Nicky Kingston in Inspiration | 2 years ago 3 min read

In need of a bit of rest and relaxation? Check out our 5 ways to create most perfectly chilled-out and indulgent bath.

Whilst there are many days scattered throughout the year that celebrate the humble bathtub (for example, did you know 7th October is National Bathtub Day?), we’ll find any excuse to skip the shower, get the bubbles out and enjoy a long, hot soak.

Here at Victoria Plum, we know baths inside and out (well, we have been designing and selling them for over 20 years!), and we know what it takes to make the perfect relaxing bath. So, check out our 5 top tips below and, before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your own bath time bliss!

Mode Tate freestanding bath

Set the scene with the stylish Tate freestanding bath from Mode Bathrooms

1. Bubbles

A bubble bath is no good without the bubbles, I’m sure you had figured that out already. When adding bubbles make sure you do this right at the beginning, when you start filling your tub, this will help to create the right amount of bubbles. Too many and they end up all over your floor and too little? ...well there really isn’t much point!

2. Smells

Pick a scented bath oil to add to your bath. Floral scents such as lavender, jasmine and rose are all linked with relaxation and add to your state of relaxation. Sprinkle your oil into the tub when it is around half full, this will help it disperse evenly throughout the water.

Mode Harrison freestanding bath

The Harrison freestanding bath from Mode Bathrooms—the ideal bath in which to celebrate Bathtub Day or just about any other day you could think of!

3. Candles

Candles give off a lovely warm light which helps you relax and enjoy some quiet time in the tub. Those bright lights that are typically found in a bathroom, will simply tell your body that it’s not time to relax!

4. Not too hot. Not too cold

Getting the temperature right is a must for the perfect bath. A warm bath will help you relax, but a hot bath will make you feel like you are boiling alive and a cold bath will give you goose bumps. The ideal water temperature for a warm bath is said to be 33 degrees Celsius/92 degrees Fahrenheit.

Orchard Dulwich roll top freestanding bath with chrome claw feet

Get the temperature just right in the elegant Dulwich roll top freestanding bath from Orchard Bathrooms

5. Relaxing music

Relaxing music is another simple way to help you wind down. A nice chill-out soundtrack will really help to soothe your mood and let your mind drift.

More relaxing bathroom ideas

At Victoria Plum, we’re full of bright ideas when it comes to creating a relaxing bathroom in which you can unwind, de-stress and let all the cares of the world wash over you. Why not read our 4 relaxing bathroom tips, find out how to keep cool during the summer or even discover the benefits of a cold shower?

If your current bathroom has seen better days, we show you how to get the look, with your very own ritual retreat—a space in which you can practice relaxation and mindfulness. Or, why not create an organic oasis (pictured below), influenced by Mother Nature herself?

Get the Look: Organic Oasis

The Spencer freestanding bath from Mode Bathrooms is a stunning tub in which to unwind and relax

Upgrade your bathing experience

Current bath tub not up to scratch? Check out our wide range of great value baths, from functional straight baths, to luxurious freestanding models.

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Author, Nicky Kingston

Posted by Nicky Kingston in Inspiration | 2 years ago

Nicky is our resident Stylist and loves bringing new and exciting bathroom trends to life. Nicky’s passion for design led to a 1st class degree in Surface Design & Textiles, before earning a reputation as a home stylist in London.

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