One of the big, recent ideas in bathroom design is the concept of making your own indoor spa. There is nothing quite like the image of a traditional luxury spa retreat to sum up the ultimate in pampering and relaxation.

With the hectic day to day lifestyles that most of us lead, finding a little “me time” can be difficult. This is why more and more people are turning to their bathroom as a dedicated leisure space as well as a functional one.

Modern bathrooms

Today, the whole idea of a bathroom has developed into a space in the house in its own right. It’s shocking to think that even in the UK many of our grandparents and great grandparents grew up in a house that didn't have an inside toilet, let alone a dedicated room to wash, bathe and relax in.

Thankfully today it is all very different and the idea of a bathroom is as central to a modern home as central heating, hot and cold water and electricity.

Different styles

Although there are literally hundreds of different designs for bathroom suites, they generally fall into two main categories: traditional and contemporary. Those who choose a traditional design are using tried and tested styles from the Victorian and Edwardian eras and these often suit period houses extremely well.

Contemporary approaches give a wider choice and freedom in overall styles and accessories because there is a greater opportunity to 'mix and match' and less rigorous stylistic rules need to be followed.

Ocean freestanding bath

Make a freestanding bath the centrepiece of your home spa retreat

The spa approach

One of the big advantages of going for a spa feel to your bathroom is that it works equally well with both traditional and modern suites. No matter what you already have in place, with a few carefully selected additions you can create a whole new atmosphere. offers a superb range of ideas to help you achieve your goal when it comes to creating an atmosphere of relaxation.

Handy hint: Find out how to create your very own detox bath.


How you light a room can be an extremely important part of setting the atmosphere for any space – and bathrooms are no different. Natural lighting can help make for a relaxing mood and are essential for a spa-like feel. If you don't have natural outdoor lighting coming into your bathroom, you can cheat by using full-spectrum light bulbs and fittings. For those with windows or skylights, opaque glass windows or window coverings can accentuate natural light, whilst at night plenty of candles give off a warm and welcoming glow.

[Polaris LED bathroom mirror 800 x 670]

Lighting is very important in creating a spa-like environment. An illuminated mirror can help reflect natural light, as well as giving you a mood light option


Natural items can introduce soothing influences, so using fresh flowers and elements of the seaside such as pebbles and shells are ideas that can be put to good use. If you want to go for the full spa concept, at we can help with everything you'll need including thermostatic taps and whirlpool baths which come with an adjustable 12 jet system to help relieve muscle tension.