If you are looking to update your ensuite bathroom there are plenty of options available to you at VictoriaPlum.com. Read our guide for some great ideas about where to start.

Saving on space

Generally, ensuites tend to be smaller bathrooms so it’s important to plan your space effectively.

Consider installing a wall hung toilet as they are much more compact and look fantastic. To match it, a corner basin or a semi-pedestal basin would be ideal. These units provide a lighter and more spacious feel.

A corner shower unit is another good choice for making the most of your space, as it frees up the centre of your room. Alternatively, if you have more space available, an alcove shower space will allow you more privacy and you can simply fit a shower door to complete your enclosure.

Sliding shower doors

Use a recess to create a beautiful shower enclosure


Storage space can often be an issue with ensuite bathrooms. A great way to get around this is to make use of clever accessories. For example, choosing a wall hung toothbrush holder and soap dispenser frees up space around your basin. You could also fit a mirrored wall cabinet, combining two needs into one. Mirrors also help with lighting and create the impression of more space.

If you have a bit more room to play with, fitting a basin with a built-in storage unit it is both functional and stylish, eliminating clutter and the need for a separate unit.

Combination toilet and basin unit

A combination toilet and basin unit makes great use of space and gives you so much needed additional storage


If your ensuite doesn’t have an external window, you’ll need to consider ventilation in order to get rid of humid air. Fitting an extractor fan that turns on with the light, or when the shower us in use, is a great solution.


If you don’t have a window in your ensuite, choose light colours to decorate it, and plan light fittings carefully to brighten things up. Well-placed spotlights are a great choice, creating a contemporary and minimalist feel. Another way of lighting your ensuite is by fitting an illuminated mirror.

LED bathroom mirror

Create your ensuite as an extension of your bedroom

When designing your ensuite, it’s important to factor in the style of your bedroom. The best ensuite bathrooms act as an extension of your bedroom, so choose complementary colour schemes, plus fittings and accessories with a similar style.

Easy upkeep, whilst looking good

The upkeep of any bathroom can be time-consuming. One way to tackle this is to keep grouting to a minimum, as it is something that needs regular scrubbing. Shower wall panels are a great low maintenance alternative to tiles.

If you have a fully contained shower cubicle, you will only need to tile a small splashback for the basin.


Your ensuite bathroom should be a comfortable space, as well as a functional one, and fitting underfloor heating can really make your room feel luxurious on those chillier mornings.

Shop ensuite bathrooms

Following our tips makes it easy to create your ideal ensuite bathroom, and make it a comfortable and useable space. We have a large selection of ensuite bathroom suite bundles at VictoriaPlum.com, so take a look to find exactly what you need.


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