In terms of convenience, an ensuite bathroom can't be beaten. Providing your own private sanctuary, just a few steps from your bed, it is one of the most practical additions you can make to your home.

If you're simply looking to update a tired old ensuite, or creating one from scratch, this expert planning guide will show you all the things you'll need to consider.


If you’re blessed with a large room that you want to add an ensuite to, it may be as simple as partitioning off a section with a stud wall to create a separate space. Although when we say "simple", there is all the plumbing, ventilation and electrics to think about. A new stud wall can actually be factored into the rest of your design, providing the ideal spot for wall mounted taps, storage nooks or a wall hung toilet and concealed cistern.

However, if you can only create a small ensuite, sliding glass panels in a frosted design can work creatively because they let in light when they’re shut. Folding doors also retain your privacy, and can be opened right back out when not in use to expand the available space in the room.

Mode Get The Look Manhattan complete shower enclosure suite


With ensuites generally complementing an existing master bathroom, there is usually no need for a second bath and in most cases, a space saving shower enclosure is preferable.

For smaller ensuites, you may be able to use the whole width at one end of the room to house your shower. In this case, you will only need a shower door, tray and tiling to accompany your shower. At, we have a range of innovative sliding shower door solutions which combined with sleek and contemporary units such as our 8mm minimalist walk in shower pack can offer a wide range of flexibility for rooms of all sizes.

The Bath Co. Camberley traditional 8mm quadrant shower enclosure

Optical illusions

As ensuites are generally small, you’ll want to use every trick in the book to make it appear bigger. For solid walls you can always cover them with a large mirror to maximise light or incorporate bright white or pale coloured tiles as part of the overall design to give a strong focal point.



Strangely, a high ceiling in a small space can make it feel more enclosed, so you might need to plan for a lowered or suspended one. However, this can give a lot more opportunity to use different lighting effects such as halogen spots that replicate daylight to give a more natural feel.


The smaller the space, the more important it is to use storage solutions creatively. A vanity unit is ideal as they combine form and function by teaming a basin with a handy storage area. Taking things a step further, a combination unit, like our MySpace slim bathroom furniture (pictured) offers the maximum storage space for the minimum floor footprint.

Mode MySpace Slim stone grey combination with Compact round toilet

Mix and match

By choosing your fittings to match your own design ideas you can create an ensuite that either stands out as a contemporary counterpoint or blends in to an overall scheme. Something as simple as your choice of taps can add an ultra-modern look to any type of basin, so choose something stylish and contemporary like our great range of waterfall mixers taps.

great range of waterfall mixers taps

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