Ensuite bathroom designs can be a tricky and tough challenge. Typically ensuites are small in size meaning they require careful planning and effective use of space management to create a functional and spacious bathroom.

Below are some tips that should help furnish you with ideas for your ensuite bathroom design.

Accessory ranges

Accessories are vital components when aiming to improve the functionality of your bathroom. Not only do they add extra points of interest aesthetically but they also serve a real purpose. Items you should look for include holders for toothbrushes, soap dishes and ornamental decorations to act as a focal point on window sills or shelves.

Wall hung toilets

These toilets are great, small, stylish and allow for a seamless, uninterrupted look. Perfect for ensuites where space is at a premium, these units are easier to clean and don’t restrict access to other bathroom features.

Como bathroom suite

With the Como bathroom suite, you can create a highly contemporary ensuite bathroom

Heated towel rails

Instead of having bulky radiators that stick out into the room, why not have a wall mounted towel rail? They make great use of the height of the bathroom, providing greater physical space for heating towels, and are a stylish feature all on their own – adding a sense of modernity to your design style.

Mirror cabinets

Mirror cabinets are another great way to utilise space by making more efficient use of something most of us have in our bathrooms: a mirror. They provide extra storage space and also hide items from view whilst giving your bathroom a mirror in which to check your appearance.

They may also come with lights embedded into the mirror to provide focus and more concentrated visibility. This feature will inevitably help when applying makeup, putting in contact lenses or just generally checking yourself out.

Corner basins

Why not make the most of tight spaces with a corner basin? Being a little smaller in size, they help free up space, ensuring your units can use every available inch of room. And the great thing is, they can be placed near other units without restricting access.

But why stop there? Wall mounted basins offer even more efficiency and can open up a room far better than standard pedestal units. Alternatively, vanity units can increase storage space but may require a slightly larger room for a comfortable fit.

Sienna white 41 vanity unit and basin

At just 410mm wide, the Sienna white vanity unit and basin is perfect for adding storage to your ensuite

Showers and baths

For small ensuites, a freestanding shower enclosure is the obvious option with small, rectangular units the favoured choice. However, if you have a little more space to play with you might consider a corner bath with a shower bath mixer tap. This will free up space in the centre of the room giving you ample access, whilst ensuring you can fit the other elements of your bathroom suite snugly.