Stealing the show in any new bathroom design is the freestanding bath, adding instant glamour and style to your bathroom. 

Most freestanding baths will fit into a regular sized bathroom without making things look too cramped.

Narrowing down your options

With such a large choice of designs you may even struggle to choose between them all.  A handy hint would be to choose what style bathroom you would like and that way you can knock a few options off your list.  The obvious place to start is to choose whether you want a contemporary, traditional or modern style bathroom.  From there you can narrow your selection of baths down. 

Here are some other things to think about when choosing your freestanding bath:

  • Do you want a one piece bath or one that has feet?
  • Do you want a square or curved design?
  • Would you prefer a slipper bath?
  • What kind of tap(s) do you want?
  • Will it need to sit against a wall?

Some stand out examples


If you’re aiming to achieve contemporary look and feel, the Harrison Freestanding Bath is a good example of this type of style. With its beautiful curves, it’ll provide a delightfully deep and luxurious soak.

Harrison freestanding bath

Harrison freestanding bath


If it’s a more classical style you’re looking for why not choose a traditional roll top bath like the Shakespeare Roll Top Bath? This comes with a choice of white or black finishes and features intricately detailed feet, with a choice of dragon feet or ball and claw designs.

Shakespeare black roll top bath with dragon feet

Shakespeare black roll top bath with dragon feet

Slipper bath

A slipper bath has one end higher than the other and you can choose between a traditional design with the Winchester slipper bath, or a more contemporary take on this style, with the Curve high back freestanding bath.

Winchester slipper bath

Winchester slipper bath

Back to wall

Need to position your freestanding bath against a wall? No problem. We’ve got just the solution with the highly contemporary Verso back to wall bath (pictured below).

Mode Verso back to wall bath

Why not take a look at the full range of freestanding baths available at and make up your own mind?