When you want to create a beautiful and luxurious bathroom, there’s no better choice than a freestanding bath. Whether your room is contemporary or traditional in style, a freestanding bath adds that extra special touch. This guide will give you an introduction to freestanding baths, and an overview of the range at VictoriaPlum.com.

What is a freestanding bath?

Though they come in many different designs and styles, the basic principle of a freestanding bath is the same. They are self-contained and self-supporting baths that don’t require panels to complete their look. They include designs such as classic roll top baths with decorative feet, and ultra-modern freestanding baths that sit directly on the floor.

Arte freestanding bath

The Arte freestanding bath is one of our bestsellers. The perfect example of a contemporary, freestanding bath


All our freestanding baths have that special quality of luxury and style, but there are many different designs you can choose from to create the perfect centrepiece for your bathroom.

Traditional roll top baths

The classic roll top bath can make a stunning addition to a traditional bathroom, creating a feeling of period style and luxury. The Camberley roll top bath perfectly embodies that classic look, with a sleek and simple shape set atop stunning decorative feet in a choice of styles. The freestanding taps can be placed in whatever position you wish as the bath is designed to be double ended.

Camberley traditional freestanding bath with ball feet

The Camberley traditional freestanding bath features classic design, along with intricately detailed feet that raise the tub off the ground

The slipper bath is another design of traditional roll top, with a single ended set up for a beautifully elegant look, allowing you to lie back in comfort and luxury.

Contemporary freestanding baths

We have a wide range of contemporary freestanding baths to suit a sleek, modern bathroom too. The stunning Arte freestanding bath would make a beautifully contemporary centrepiece, coupled with a modern freestanding tap to complete the look.

There are other designs such as the single ended Shakespeare freestanding single ended bath which has been designed to fit into a corner, making it ideal for smaller bathrooms, or the contemporary Harding slipper bath, which creates a very elegant and sophisticated look.

Harding slipper bath

The Harding slipper bath is a contemporary bath with a twist. It has been designed to replicate the look and feel of a more traditional slipper bath

If you're looking to add a splash of colour to your bathroom decor, we even sell a fabulous range of coloured baths.

Measuring for your freestanding bath

Check out this quick video so you get the right measurements for your new freestanding bath:

Taps for freestanding baths

Many freestanding baths require the use of a freestanding tap, as their sleek design doesn’t leave room for tap holes. This can create a really beautiful look, both for traditional and contemporary styles. There are also freestanding baths that do feature tap holes, so always be sure to check the description and full specifications carefully to see what your chosen bath requires.

For traditional roll top baths, you can make use of standpipes along with a classic bath shower mixer to create a gorgeous traditional look.

For further advice, check out our freestanding taps buying guide.