Following in the footsteps of Joan Collins and Michael Caine, American First Lady Melania Trump is the most recent celebrity to come out and state that the key to a successful marriage is separate bathrooms.

This may be all well and good for wealthy socialites like Melania, but how can the rest of us, who simply don’t have the space or cash to splash on separate bathrooms, ensure we can share our bathrooms harmoniously?

Sharing your space

When you move in with a loved one, it’s only natural for you to want to put your own stamp on a place, but also consider the other person’s tastes too. You may have managed to achieve this in the living room and bedroom, but the bathroom is a different case entirely.

This is a space that families usually have to share. Remember the arguments between siblings over the amount of time taken in the bathroom before school? It’s often a different story for couples without any children. After all, it’s just the two of you, so instead the bathroom becomes a place to relax - a retreat away from the stress of daily life. However, it does also have to be practical for the morning routine.

If one partner is messy, leaving toiletries, hair products and (God-forbid!) hair all over the place, it can cause real friction. So if you don’t want the bathroom to mark the end of a happy relationship, here are some design tips to help create a space that matches your lifestyle together.

Double up

If the two of you find yourselves tripping over each other in the morning as one’s shaving while the other tries to brush their teeth, adding a second basin is a real possibility. This isn’t as uncommon as you might think and it does solve a lot of problems. Rather than large overbearing sinks, opt for something a little sleeker, like a counter top basin, so they don’t take up as much space. Add 2 small bathroom cabinets - that way, you can never accuse each other of using the wrong razor!

His and hers bathroom basins

Adding a second basin isn't as uncommon as you might think

Split it down the middle

Men often complain that women take up too much room in the bathroom, and it can often be a source of friction. To avoid any arguments over the amount of space available, why not just split the room in two? One half for her and one half for him. It might seem a little juvenile, but it’s often the most sensible approach.

Go neutral

While you might have always dreamed of a bright pink bathroom, decorated with lots of frilly accents, he might not be so keen. The same goes for the men, the industrial style grey colour just isn’t feminine enough.

Separate bath and shower

Having a separate bath and shower certainly helps when sharing a bathroom

Rule out any colours that the other doesn’t like and opt for something you both like, perhaps a blend of neutrals. You can always add a touch of individuality with colourful towels and bathroom accessories.

Separate the bath and shower

Many people have a shower head installed over the tub, but if you’re sharing a bathroom this limits the room to being suitable for just one person. If space allows, try to separate the bath and shower as this means both of you can get ready at the same time.

If that’s not an option, consider a double shower head instead. Remember, living together does take a lot of compromise. So, instead of pushing your design ideas onto the other person, consider styles that will suit your lifestyle together.

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