Whether you love it or loathe it, there's no denying that more and more of us are embracing this annual celebration and trying to find that perfect gift that expresses our adoration and appreciation.

According to The Guardian the typical Brit will spend from £24 to as much as £86 on Valentine's Day.

So instead of the usual clichéed gifts, at VictoriaPlum.com we've decided to play Cupid and have come up with 4 alternative bathroom-based things you can do to capture your partner's heart.

Magic mirror message

One that you may have seen in the movies (but perhaps only in horror films). Get up before your partner and use a dry finger to trace out a romantic message on your mirror. When they run the shower or take a bath, the message should magically appear in the condensation. Listen out for the "aaaah" from the bathroom.

Mode Rodia LED mirror

Nothing says "I love you" like a message written in condensation

The bathroom fairy

Another way to surprise and perhaps even shock your partner would be to secretly give the bathroom a bloomin' good clean. OK....it may not exactly be the most romantic of gestures, but it'll certainly be more than appreciated!

Set your alarm an hour early, get the bathroom cleaners out and put your back into it. Chuck away all those nearly-empty toiletries and perhaps buy some nice new containers so you can transfer your partner's lotions and potions into something altogether more fitting. Leave a little note "Cleaned by the bathroom fairy" and jump back into bed. Just make sure you label the new containers!

Be a Butler/Maid for the evening

Sharing a bath with your partner is a great idea in theory, but in reality it can be pretty uncomfortable - unless you have a good quality double ended bath! So this idea is a great alternative and definitely one for getting back into your partner's good books.

First off, prepare a lavish bath and set the scene. Lots and lots of bubbles, candles, relaxing music and perhaps a chilled drink on standby. For the next hour, you are at your partner's beck and call. Let them have a bell and call you for things such as a neck and shoulder massage, snacks, drinks or simply more hot water! They get to relax and be pampered, you clock up some well-earned partner points.

Yale freestanding bath

A gorgeous freestanding bath and a willing servant - what more could a girl want?

A heartwarming gesture

With Valentine's Day falling in the winter, your bathroom may be a little on the chilly side. So why not surprise your partner with a brand new fluffy dressing gown left on the back of the bathroom door, or perhaps invest in a nice new set of towels warmed to perfection? All accompanied be a suitably soppy message.

Alternatively, you could just get a nice new heated towel rail.