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How do I update my bathroom suite?
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How do I update my bathroom suite?

Posted by Rebecca Doody in Room planning | 1 year ago 7 min read

Want to know how to update your bathroom on a budget? Read on for advice and ideas on improving your bathroom space with Victoria Plum...


Updating your bathroom, whether it be the main family bathroom, an ensuite or a smaller cloakroom, is one of the first few serious home renovation projects that most homeowners look into, and for good reason.

Standalone, toilet appliances don’t cost as much as electronics or other furniture like sofas and large dining tables, so forking out the money is a little easier. If your toilet is not running in tip-top shape, the annoyance builds up easily since it’s something that you use every single day.

This article will give you some advice and pointers on how to update your bathroom suite without breaking the bank. Budget bathroom ideas are not as difficult to find as you may think.

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5 ways to upgrade your pre-existing bathroom

1. Tiles

Tiles make up how most of the bathroom is perceived. The choice of existing tiles made by the initial owner might have seemed appropriate at the time, or to the person, but in many situations, the bathroom is not able to keep up with trends in interior design. Tile paint preferences change and, if you fancy a bathroom makeover, this is a good place to start.

Design trends always shift so quickly and erratically and sometimes, changing the entire look of the bathroom simply comes down to tiling. New wall tiles and a fresh lick of paint are a cost-effective way to add colour and enhance your bathroom fittings. Tiling can make all the difference. You can most certainly handle the installation yourself, and the tiles may be cheaper than you think. There is no need for bathroom fitters in this case.

Upgrading your bathroom tiles gives you a chance to re-tile and regrout your floor. Removing the old tiles, using a bit of elbow grease and working with the natural light can make you feel like you have a whole new bathroom. Budget bathroom ideas and a few simple tweaks can still make your space feel brand new. It's all about the style.

Get started with your tiling project. Read our guide on how to tile

2. Cleaning and Regrouting

A common reason for bathrooms and the wall, sink, shower and bath looking a bit tired might not lie in the fault of the tiles, especially in smaller bathrooms. Rather than remodelling or sorting an entire bathroom installation, there are other steps that can be taken first. A cheap option to enhance your bathroom on a budget is to simply clean and regrout your tiles. This helps to save money and create a bathroom makeover with minimal fuss.

Bathrooms trap mould and grime very quickly, and over time you might get used to the change as it is so gradual. However, know that after a few years, even if you’re diligently cleaning every week, there’s still bound to be staining and build-up that once cleared, will make the space and wall look like something else entirely.

Create a whole new style with a spring clean. Getting rid of nasty grout will make a big difference and will update your bathroom without you even realising. This goes for other rooms that may suffer from the same issue. Your shower enclosure, shower head, vanity unit, toilet seat and bathroom mirror will benefit from a proper clean.

Make sure you purchase specialist products from your local DIY store, and, here's a pro tip—if you want to do it quickly, get a grout-reviving, anti-mould pen.

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3. Change up your accessories

A new mirror, new blinds for the window and a little something to put on the vanity units, are more budget bathroom ideas. Your bathroom accessories can create a whole new style. Opt for new shower curtains, towels, a stylish drying mat, lighting, pictures and a funky toothpaste dispenser. A custom ceramics soap dish is also a great way to make a statement whilst thinking about how to save money. These are all little tips and things that you can change gradually that can help renew a dated bathroom look.

Whether or you are fixing something else in the bathroom or not, you should always look at the style and accessories in the room. This can help you be more conscientious about the complete design of your bathroom, and will help you take ownership of the bathroom on a psychological level. If you really wanting to overhaul the accessories on a larger scale, making a mood board with colour and ideas can help. Don't forget, using a bathroom mirror can make your bathroom look bigger and lighter.

This is quite important especially if you’re renting a property where upgrading options are limited, or if you’re quite strapped on cash.

4. A fresh coat of paint

As with tiling, repainting the walls, bathroom ceiling and the bathroom furniture with a clean new neutral shade or something with a little more pop can bring life to your space.

Repainting the living room or the bedrooms might be a time-consuming task due to the large area and the many things you’ll have to move to make it happen. The bathroom, however, is usually one of the smaller rooms in the house.

A fresh lick of paint is extremely cost-efficient, and you should most definitely consider this when thinking about a bathroom remodel or a new bathroom. One thing to note is to make sure you buy paint that’s mould-resistant and designed for use in bathrooms.

Discover the top bathroom colours of the year and choose your favourite

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5. Adding mirrors and improving lighting

Changing the bulb of the current ceiling light is the easiest example of improving bathroom lighting, but you can always change the light fitting for something more stylish. You could also opt for new lighting that is LED, helping to save energy in your home. Brightening up a bathroom always helps to give it a fresh, high-profile feeling, especially if you’ve just repainted or given it a good clean.

If you’re thinking of installing a new feature in the room or looking to replace one, you’ll have to take into consideration how easy it is to maintain and plan for the electrician fee. However, this is an update that will last a very long time. There are plenty of ideas out there that can assist you in adding style to your space. Upgrade your existing light or install a light above your vanity unit to enhance the set up of your bathroom.

In the same vein, hanging up new mirrors helps to increase the feeling of space and helps to bounce the new light around. A great modern option for accomplishing both concepts is a lit-up LED mirror, which runs on either wired power or batteries. Pair with house plants for that fresh vibe.


Upgrading your bathroom in cheap ways and looking after your money is important. It signifies that you’re willing to take the steps to clean up, brighten, and take ownership of your living spaces. Make sure to always plan around enough time so that the upgrade won’t put the bathroom out of commission during crucial hours and invest in good tools and supplies and you will feel the difference. Cost is crucial and you should work ways in which you can save on time and finances.

If you’re looking to replace the actual fixtures like taps and toilets, perhaps consider repairing them first before looking into changing them completely. If you have to change them completely rather than replace, consider leaving them in the same spots so you won’t have to bleed out of your pocket for plumbing costs. Stick to the same layout, and work within those confines first. You can still create stylish look in your bathroom without having to replace every fixture.

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Author, Rebecca Doody

Posted by Rebecca Doody in Room planning | 1 year ago

Originally from Somerset, Rebecca is our resident copywriter who takes care of all things product related. Rebecca loves the modern interior style with both neutral and bold influences to create a statement look.

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