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How long does it take to refurbish a bathroom?
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How long does it take to refurbish a bathroom?

Posted by Rebecca Doody in Room Planning | 6 months ago 7 min read

Want to know all about the real duration of a bathroom makeover? Read on for some realistic, expert advice from Victoria Plum...


House makeover television shows are becoming increasingly popular—their shocking before and after reveals leave everyone wanting more. Viewers may be shocked to see how a full bathroom is stripped bare and undergoes a complete refit in the span of an episode. In reality though, a realistic timescale takes more than just a few days. These full refit programmes possess a huge workforce with carpenters, electricians, a plumber and other trades on standby. This speeds the process up to a speedy and unrealistic time frames.

How long does an average bathroom refurbishment really take? To answer this question, we’ve engaged with several interior designers who are experienced in bathroom renovations and bathroom installation to guide us. It is important to look at the prospective duration, the different types of renovation, and how the renovation is operated to create a functional bathroom.

Orchard Eden complete right handed shower bath suite with taps, shower and wastes

Overall duration of a bathroom renovation

Prior to the construction work, homeowners usually sit down with their interior designers to discuss the timeline of the project. To the surprise of many people, an ordinary bathroom renovation project is estimated to take around six weeks to complete. This can include removing your existing bathroom features, such as a shower cubicle, light fittings and the bath.

These six weeks are just an estimate, and they can be faster or slower depending on the type of builders you hire. The first style of builder works on one project at a time. They will only progress to the next project upon completion of this current job. Naturally, the time of completion will be much shorter because the builders will be solely focused on completing your bathroom renovation, plus removing the old bathroom. The work involved can include a straight swap of pieces.

The second type of builder, which is more common nowadays, undergoes multiple projects concurrently. Under this style of company, the builders are scheduled across the different projects throughout the week. You will observe a day or two where there is no one working on site. Type two builders often come in small working teams, so be prepared to meet different builders that arrive at your house over the week. Whichever you opt for, ensure you know you are getting a quality finish and a new suite that meets correct standards. Prices vary depending on the work required.

Orchard 6mm framed sliding shower enclosure

Flow of a bathroom suite renovation


Builders will first inspect the existing space to identify the materials that are used in this room before giving an estimated duration to fully demolish the space. For example, sheeted walls and timber studs are significantly easier to remove compared to brick walls. If it is just a straight swap then it may be slightly easier to create a new bathroom.

While the demolition takes place, the builders will start installing structural beams in the room to support the upcoming change of walls, wall tiles and windows. Homeowners should note that if asbestos was found in this stage, it should be professionally removed. This process should take an extra day or two to complete but won't affect the new bathroom.

Duration according to the types of builders:

Type 1 — two to three days

Type 2 — four to five days

Adler bathroom furniture

Rough plumbing and electrical work

Once the bare structure is completed, it’s time to call the electricians and plumbers to look at the water supply, wet areas and electrical items. During this stage, a professional plumber will set up rough plumbing points within the walls, ceiling and floor, whilst the wires job is fixed by the electricians.

Duration according to the types of builders:

Type 1 — one to two days

Type 2 — three to four days

Preparation for tiling

The tile preparation depends on the tiles you selected prior to the renovation and demolition stage. If you selected a larger tile with a large tiled area, the bathroom now requires a straighter wall to accommodate the job correctly. This is the time to install new windows, doors and even wall niches too. Additionally, the installation of the cement slab (also referred to as the tiling bed) will take place here, and is left to completely dry before entering the waterproofing stage.

Duration according to the types of builders:

Type 1 — one to two days

Type 2 — two to three days

Clarity collection


After the preparation stage is done, builders can start to sheet the bathroom walls and ceilings as the next part of the bathroom renovation. Examples include waterproof plasterboard on solid brick walls.

Duration according to the types of builders:

Type 1 — one day

Type 2 — one to two days


When all the sheets are in the right place, it is time to waterproof your bathroom. This is a compulsory step that creates a tight water seal that allows you to bid goodbye to leaky showers. Since waterproofing takes 24 hours to dry completely, please expect a minimum duration of two days for this project with atleast two to three coats.

**Duration according to the types of builders: **

Type 1 — two to three days

Type 2 — three to four days


Homeowners will have to engage a tiler who will arrive in the morning to fix all the tiles into their designated space as part of the bathroom renovation. During this crucial step, you must ensure that the tiles are cut off at the correct angles (that do not block the shower grate etc) and it is placed evenly throughout the new bathroom. After this stage, homeowners can start measuring the room to purchase a fitting shower screen for your new bath.

Duration according to the types of builders:

Type 1 — five days

Type 2 — seven days

Trims and paints

Once the new doors and windows are installed, the painter can officially start painting the bathroom to complement the new bathroom suite. If there are two bathrooms to paint, these can be done intermittently on different days depending on the size of the room.

Duration according to the types of builders:

Type 1 — one day

Type 2 — one to two days

Roche bathroom furniture

Plumbing and electrical fitting

An important part of a bathroom renovation, the plumbing and electrical work will now be properly installed and connected. This stage allows all your toilet, basin, bath and switches to function well in your new bathroom. It is a great idea to check each individual feature in your complete bathroom.

Duration according to the types of builders:

Type 1 —one day

Type 2 — one to two days

Adding the accessories

Once the majority of the construction is completed, it is time to add accessories such toilet paper holders, robe hooks and hand towel rails in the bathroom. A heated towel ladder is an added luxury and a popular idea. This is also the time to install shower screens and mirrors in the bathrooms too. Upon installation, you should do a thorough clean of the floor, tiles, bath, toilet and other items in the bathroom project.

Duration according to the types of builders:

Type 1 — one day

Type 2 — one to two days

Bergne bathroom furniture


At the end of the day, the bathroom should be a space of comfort for all. Consider all the different factors that ensure bathrooms are of a good quality and high standard. A bathroom refurbishment is not a rushed process, and it is worth the wait when done properly.

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Author, Rebecca Doody

Posted by Rebecca Doody in Room Planning | 6 months ago

Originally from Somerset, Rebecca is our resident copywriter who takes care of all things product related. Rebecca loves the modern interior style with both neutral and bold influences to create a statement look.

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