As we get older, accessibility is a key factor when refurbishing our bathrooms. That's why a walk in shower or wet room could be the answer to all your bathroom requirements.

Whether your bathroom is large or small, a walk in shower is quite straightforward to install, with many designs that fit the footprint of a standard-sized bath. A wet room, on the other hand, is a little more complex, so it's best to speak to your plumber or bathroom fitter about the amount of work required. They will need to completely waterproof your room, involving a process called "tanking". This requires the installation of a waterproof membrane beneath your tiles. Ventilation, under floor heating and good drainage are all important factors to be considered.

The benefits of a wet room

The advantage of a wet room is the power to choose the shape and size of your shower area, meaning your shower doesn’t necessarily have to be tucked in to the corner of the room.

Also, with no doors, unsightly shower door seals or shower trays to climb into, access is easy for young and old alike.

Tropical wet room

Discover how you can create a Tropical style wet room by clicking on the image above

Walk in shower enclosures

For a cheaper alternative, a walk in shower provides plenty of space without the expense of waterproofing the full room. Comprising a shallow tray and partial open glass screen, all Victoria Plum walk in enclosures, come in left and right hand options, complete with free shower trays and waste kits.

Walk in showers are generally more suited to larger bathrooms but can be an excellent alternative to a bath in a smaller bathroom. Frameless glass panels will help to create the appearance of space and you’ll still have plenty of space in which to shower.

Handy hint: Read our walk in shower tray buying guide for further information

Mode 8mm walk in shower enclosure with stone tray 1200 x 800

Easy access and an open plan feel are the hallmarks of this curved walk in shower enclosure

Wet room ideas

If you're in need of inspiration for your bathroom design, we have loads of great wet room ideas, including wet room installation instructions and a wet room planning guide.

Shop walk in showers and wet room solutions

If a wet room or walk in shower sounds like something you’d want in your bathroom, browse our full range of walk in shower enclosures and wet rooms today.


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