Ask the experts: Can I repair cracks in a plastic shower tray?

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Inevitably, at some point, products in your bathroom will begin looking their age and may need replacing due to general wear and tear. But, without a good knowledge of bathrooms, how do you know what can be easily fixed and what will need to be replaced entirely? is a fabulous website, where you can ask these types of questions to experts in the trade. So, to help you get on with those little bathroom jobs, we’ve asked the experts some of the most common questions for you.

Continuing of our series of “ask the experts” tips and advice for your bathroom planning, we answer the question “Can I repair cracks in a plastic shower tray?”.

Can I repair cracks in a plastic shower tray?

Though there are acrylic repair kits that you can use to try and patch up scratches or cracks in a plastic shower tray, most tradespeople agree that replacing it is the best option in the long run, as the constant stress on any faults can quickly lead to leaks and further damage.

Photofinish Contracts state: “Probably not what you want to hear but generally plastic trays are not repairable. It is possible that if the tray is fibreglass you could cobble together something with a kit but it will probably look disastrous, and almost certainly will not last.”

Shower trays are best replaced

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Measuring for your shower tray

One of the main reasons why people end up returning or exchange bathroom products is ordering the wrong size. When purchasing a new or replacement shower tray it’s vitally important you measure correctly.

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Fitting a shower tray

Shower trays are best installed by a professional bathroom fitter or plumber, but if you are a confident and experienced DIYer, you could ultimately save time and money by fitting it yourself.

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