The bidet has long been a curiously alien contraption for most British people, and something we only really stumble across when we’re abroad on holiday.

The confusion over exactly how to use a bidet was probably best summed up by Australian actor Paul Hogan in the classic 80s film “Crocodile Dundee”:

Bidet use around the world

However, many cultures across the world regularly use bidets as part of their personal routines. Despite the word bidet being French (it loosely translates as “pony” – as it is something you must straddle, as you would a small horse), it is the Italians who took to the bidet to heart in a big way. In fact, since 1975 all bathrooms in Italy must have a bathroom installed by law.

In Europe, bidets are most commonly found across the south of the continent, which is perhaps why the craze never spread to these shores.

Beers in the bidet

A typically British way to use a bidet when abroad!

Bidets, or toilets which come with a water cleaning apparatus, are also very common throughout South America, the Middle East, the Indian sub-continent and South East Asia.

But when it comes to bidet/toilet technology, perhaps the country we tend to think of the most is Japan.

Japanese bidet toilets

In general, the Japanese have invested more time and effort to improve toilet technology than any other country in the world, with the development in the 1980s of a hybrid bidet toilet.

This type of toilet combines all the features of a regular toilet, with some advanced features not found on your average toilet, such as a water jet, deodorising spray and a seat warming function.

According to a Japanese consumer spending survey, nearly 80% of all households in the country have this kind of bidet toilet.

Benefits of bidets

Whilst British toilet culture seemingly rules out the use of a bidet, there are some clear benefits from owning and using such an item:

  • More environmentally conscious – less toilet paper and waste
  • Money saving – spend less on toilet paper
  • Reduces toilet blockages – less need to get that plunger out
  • Less harsh for sufferers of hemorrhoids or fissures

Buying a bidet

If any of the information you have read above has persuaded you that a bidet is for you, you’ll be pleased to find out that you can now get one delivered direct to your door by

Demar Bidet

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