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Tips and tricks to spice up your bathroom vanity unit
DIY advice

Tips and tricks to spice up your bathroom vanity unit

Posted by Rebecca Doody in DIY advice | 2 years ago 6 min read

Is your bathroom lacking that bit of extra character? A bathroom vanity can enhance your whole space and make a big difference. This handy guide can help give your bathroom the wow factor and bring a new life to your space.

While bathrooms may take up a small portion of a house, it is still important to not to overlook the small space as a focal point to save money. Many interior designers state that a bathroom can help your house or flat to feel like a home. A bathroom can be used to add character to your space and can create an eye catching, contemporary look. You can make your space feel bigger in an extremely budget friendly way and the room can transform your home in a simple way.

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, there is always a way to add your touch and spice things up. This article will provide you with some useful tips and tricks to create your ideal bathroom, with a primary focus on your bathroom vanity unit. Bathroom vanities are one way to enhance even a small bathroom, aside from fresh paint, a towel rack, wall tiles, a funky shower curtain and bath mats. Natural light or mirrors can also play a huge part in complementing the furniture and shelves.

Clarity Compact satin grey floorstanding vanity unit and basin 410mm

What is a bathroom vanity unit?

A bathroom vanity unit is made up of a basin and its surrounding structure and storage. The storage space beneath the sink usually helps to hide the water pipes to make the bathroom look neater and cleaner. The space on top, however, is where the fun begins. You get to be creative and put your spin on it. The following tips will teach you how to maximise these spaces to achieve just that.

The vanity details

Whilst this piece may seem straightforward in design, there are a lot of intricate details that play a part in your bathroom vanity. You can improve your entire bathroom suite just by introducing an on-trend item to your bathroom. Placed against a wall, a bathroom vanity features clean lines. You can also hang your unit to create a modern style.


Many bathroom vanities feature legs. The legs decide whether the vanity is lifted off the floor or not. A simple feature like this makes a difference to the overall design of the bathroom, especially with floor tiles and grout lines. Depending on what you’re going for, you might want to consider adding this as it can stand out in a room and become a focal point.

Many options with legs are also super affordable. Having that visible gap between the vanity and the floor makes the bathroom feel considerably bigger and more spacious in a small room. White walls also have this effect so perhaps a fresh lick of paint will complement your unit.

Base moulding

If you are not keen on having legs for your vanity, consider opting for base moulding. Base moulding would refer to the entire foundation of the vanity being attached to the ground using the mould as the glue. This also means that you’ll have fewer things to clean, which is an added bonus. This may not be an option for a tiny bathroom, and existing tiles may have to be thought about if on walls.

Orchard Derwent square straight shower bath suite


Lighting is possibly the feature that ties everything together. Good lighting or natural lighting is essential in making your bathroom reach its fullest potential. Imagine having your ideal bathroom design but only for it to be ruined by low-quality lighting that is either too dark or the wrong colour.

A simple solution would be using light-emitting diode (LED) lighting on the ceiling and replace any dull ideas. They provide sufficient brightness yet are easy on the eyes. Additionally, the LED lights come in all shapes and sizes and can even fit inside the drawers and cupboards. Simple to install, there are many budget friendly lighting pieces that will enhance your bathroom.

Aside from providing visual assistance, LED lights also aid the style side of things. For example, some lighting allows you to dim or change tones to create a different kind of atmosphere. LED lights with adjustable settings allow you to set the ambience for any kind of situation that you want. Natural light does not have this benefit and will not work during the evening.

Additional features

Now that the foundation of the bathroom vanity unit is settled, you can choose other additional accessories which both enhance the look of the bathroom and provide functional use. Complement with items such as a shower curtain, bath mats, smart tiles, floor tiles, other storage and towels. The style is so important so look at a range of ideas when it comes to furniture.

Bathroom trays

A bathroom tray is a simple item that makes a significant impact on bathroom styling. Instead of having your toiletries scattered all over the countertop, using a bathroom tray will allow you to neatly organise. Its presence creates a boundary for your items and will transform the surface area in a simple way.

Imagine placing your soap dispenser outside of the bathroom tray. Feels odd, doesn’t it? Investing in bathroom trays is worthwhile. You could opt for a few of various sizes, heights and designs to match your overall bathroom theme.

Incorporate varying textures and dynamics

To make things more interesting and useful, place smaller containers or bowls of different sizes on your bathroom tray. You could place a cup holder for your toothbrush, and a smaller dish for those pieces of jewellery you may wish to take off when cleaning. It’s really up to you. They should be there to help you organise your belongings better.

Choose the colours and designs that complement each other as well as the bathroom as a whole. A tray with a black frame can be eye catching and could match your vanity. If you have a yellow bathroom for example, choose contrasting accessories to make a statement in the same way an accent wall stands out in a white bathroom.


Incorporating vases into your design is a great way to style and spice up your bathroom. They add height and dynamic to the bathroom vanity unit and are simply a nice thing to look at. Add fresh flowers if you wish or you could use artificial ones as well. Some people even fill the vase with rocks and branches to keep things cost-efficient and interesting.

If you have enough space in your bathroom, we recommend choosing a sculptural vase. If not, a bud vase with a single flower would do just fine. The main point is to create levels, so even if you have a smaller vase, make sure that it’s varied in height from the other pieces on your countertop.

Adler bathroom furniture

Standard accessories

For your everyday items such as hand soap and moisturiser, consider storing them in a matching set of dispensers of various heights and sizes. Your vanity unit will appear less cluttered and more organised.


If you want your bathroom to appear more elegant and modern, adding a candle should do the trick. Get a candle that is already pleasing on the eye and make sure it gives off a scent you like. Having a lit candle in addition to dim lights will make your bathroom feel like an expensive and cosy spa. Don’t you feel relaxed already?

Match cloche and striker

If you’re going for candles, you simply must have a match cloche and striker too. If you’ve never heard of them before, a match cloche is essentially a container that holds your match sticks while a match striker allows you to light up the matchstick. Lighting up your candle with a match from a match cloche and striker compared to a regular handheld lighter really does set the ambient bathroom tone. There are also match cloches and strikers that are designed as one product. This means that you won’t have to purchase separately.


By fitting a vanity unit, you can enhance your bathroom with storage and style. You can replace existing ones or opt for a completely new idea to install. The walls, mirrors, floors, doors and tiles will all work together with the vanity to create a space of style.

The bathroom in your household is a space and a room that you use nearly every day without fail. It is worth the extra time, effort and money to make it feel comfortable for you. Hopefully, you’ve found some of these tips to be useful. Don’t worry too much about following every single one—just pick and choose the tips that you can relate to the most and adapt accordingly.

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Author, Rebecca Doody

Posted by Rebecca Doody in DIY advice | 2 years ago

Originally from Somerset, Rebecca is our resident copywriter who takes care of all things product related. Rebecca loves the modern interior style with both neutral and bold influences to create a statement look.

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