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9 relaxing bath ideas for 2023

9 relaxing bath ideas for 2023

Posted by Ruth Foster in Inspiration | 7 months ago 10 min read

From simple straight designs to lavish luxurious tubs, when it comes to picking a bath that meets your needs, the choice is endless. Let us help you select the perfect model with these relaxing bath ideas for 2023.

If the past few years have been anything to go by, the humble bathroom has received renewed focus as a place of rest and meditation, away from the stresses and strains of our everyday lives. And, despite many of us preferring a quick shower, which fits with our busy lifestyles, the bath has enjoyed a rebirth, offering many health benefits related to relaxation and mindfulness.

Of course, when it comes to picking out the perfect bathtub, we all have different needs. Multi-function may be the name of the game in a family bathroom, for example, whilst style and sophistication may be the ultimate aim for those looking to make a real design statement.

In this article, we’ve pulled together 9 truly inspirational bath ideas for 2023, to help you make your dream bathroom a reality.

Freestanding bath ideas for 2023

The ultimate in luxury items for your home, the freestanding tub has undergone a real renaissance in recent years. Once the preserve of the fabulously wealthy or those blessed with cavernous bathrooms, you’ll now find freestanding baths in all shapes and sizes, to suit budgets and spaces both large and small.

Freestanding baths generally come in 2 distinct styles: contemporary (often referred to as “modern”) and traditional. Contemporary freestanding baths can be recognised by their clean lines and unfussy design, (usually) sitting directly on the floor, without legs. Meanwhile, traditional freestanding baths come in a variety of recognisable designs, from the roll top bath with its customary rim and ornate feet, to the slipper bath, where one end is usually higher than the other. You’ll even find space-saving back to wall designs, which give you all the style of a freestanding tub, yet fit neatly against the wall, like a conventional straight bath.

Whatever freestanding bath you choose, it’s always worth considering how it fits with the overall design of your bathroom. Check out these neat freestanding bath ideas for 2022 and beyond.

1. Mode Harrison freestanding contemporary bath

This freestanding contemporary bath from Mode Bathrooms is (as the name suggests) the perfect example of contemporary design. With a simple oval-shape, ergonomically designed for comfortable bathing, it's as tough as it is beautiful, with a high quality acrylic construction which makes it highly resistant to stains and scratches.

Mode Harrison freestanding contemporary bath 1700 x 770

2. Camberley gloss grey traditional freestanding bath

If you’re looking to complement a traditional décor, yet don’t want something as ornate as a roll top bath, the Camberley from The Bath Co. is the perfect choice.

Featuring an on-trend grey gloss exterior, this bath combines aspects of both traditional and contemporary design. The curvaceous shape creates an elegant silhouette, whilst the twin skinned design, reinforced with fibreglass, gives it a strength which belies its beauty.

With a built-in waste and overflow, all you’ll need to do is find the perfect tap to accompany it. As taps can’t be deck mounted, we’d highly recommend a freestanding design.

The Bath Co. Camberley gloss grey traditional freestanding bath 1500 x 720

Space-saving bath ideas for 2023

With the average British bathroom getting smaller and smaller, bathroom designers have had to get creative in recent years. Whilst you can purchase regular straight baths in sizes as small as 1400mm x 700mm, sometimes an awkward layout or recess can make choosing the right design difficult.

In some cases, it may be a matter of trying to fit both a bath and shower into your overall design which causes the issues. In this instance, it may be worth considering whether a combined shower bath may be a better option.

And, if you’re on the hunt for more space-saving bath ideas for 2022, why not consider our range of corner or back to wall baths?

3. Elsdon offset corner bath

At just 1500mm x 1020mm, the Elsdon offset corner bath from Orchard Bathrooms is just the job for unusual bathroom layouts. The offset design cleverly provides you with plenty of space in which to bathe, without increasing an already compact footprint.

Designed and manufactured right here in the UK, this modern bath is made from high quality acrylic and reinforced with fibreglass for strength. It comes in both right and left handed designs to suit your particular space.

Orchard Elsdon right handed offset corner bath 1500mm

4. Cooper back to wall freestanding bath

If you really love the idea of a designer freestanding bath but don’t quite have the room for it, we’ve come up with the perfect compromise. The Cooper bath from Mode Bathrooms is a back to wall design, meaning it sits alongside your wall, just like a straight bath, yet comes complete with all the sleek lines and appearance of a freestanding tub. Complete with a high quality 3.8mm acrylic construction and rounded edges for comfortable bathing, you can now enjoy designer style even in a small bathroom.

Mode Cooper back to wall freestanding bath 1700 x 800

Family bath ideas for 2023

Buying a bath for a family bathroom means having to take multiple needs and requirements into account. For example, you may prefer just a quick shower in the morning, yet your partner or children may also enjoy a bath in which to relax and unwind.

If you’re all singing from the same hymn sheet (which, let’s face it, is a rarity!), you may opt for a conventional straight bath. However, as property expert Sarah Beeny stated in her recent interview with us, future-proofing any family bathroom is key. For example, as they get older, your children may prefer a shower to a bath.

For family bathrooms, we’d highly recommend a multi-functional shower bath. Along with all the space-saving benefits you’ll experience, shower baths are strong and durable—designed to withstand everything a busy family bathroom can throw at them.

5. Clarity P shaped shower bath with screen

If you really can’t choose between a bath and shower, enjoy the best of both worlds with this modern P shaped shower bath from Clarity. The enlarged end gives you additional freedom to move when showering, complementing round-shaped bathroom suites perfectly.

Ranging in size from a compact 1500mm to a generous 1700mm in length, this fabulous shower bath also comes with a hinged shower screen made from 5mm British Standard safety glass, for added peace of mind.

Clarity P shaped left handed shower bath 1700mm with 5mm shower screen

6. Straight shower bath with black framed screen

One of the big challenges you’ll find when planning a family bathroom is balancing style with budget. All too often, it’s easier to go for the economical option and forget about adding any on-trend elements into the overall design. However, as you may already be aware, black framed shower screens are highly desirable, producing a soft industrial style that looks effortlessly stylish.

This shower bath from Orchard Bathrooms is ideal for those who want to inject a touch more contemporary styling into their family bathroom, especially when paired with a black shower system and taps.

Orchard Eden single ended wide end straight bath with 6mm black framed bath screen 1700 x 750

Bath panel ideas for 2023

When planning a bathroom, one thing that often gets overlooked is your choice of bath panels. Designed for mere cosmetic appeal, most homeowners opt for a simple white set of panels which, whilst clean and tidy, can often be a little unimaginative. If you do have a specific colour scheme in mind or simply want to match any furniture in your bathroom, it is certainly worth browsing the range of bath panels available to you.

7. Lea bath panels

Part of the brand new Lea bathroom furniture range from Orchard Bathrooms, these gorgeous bath panels, made from moisture-resistant engineered wood. come in a choice of colours, including avola grey and marble (pictured below) to concrete. Suitable for straight baths 1700mm and 1800mm in length, they offer a great way to bring a touch of on-trend colour to your bathroom.

Orchard Lea bath panels

Designer baths for 2023

If you’re searching for some extra special bath ideas for 2023, we’ve certainly got you covered.

Discover our range of premium, luxurious freestanding tubs in a variety of colours, styles and finishes, from cast iron designs to solid surface stone resin. With many of our baths being made-to-order, you can fully customise the completed design, from the hand-painted colour to the position of the plug hole.

If you are looking to achieve a highly personalised bathroom that’ll last you many, many years to come, it certainly pays to spend that little bit extra for something you’ll enjoy on a regular basis.

8. Orange Burst cast iron bath

For a showstopping centrepiece that’ll wow your friends and family, look no further than the Orange Burst cast iron bath from the Artist Collection, exclusive to Victoria Plum.

This traditional double ended slipper bath is made from top quality cast iron, with a vitreous enamel interior coating. The orange burst exterior is hand-painted and colour-matched to many other products from the Artist Collection. Why not check out all the other bold colours and designs on offer?

Artist Collection Orange Burst cast iron bath

Accessible bath ideas for 2023

One of the things we’re very keen on, here at Victoria Plum, is ensuring everyone can have the inspirational bathroom of their dreams, regardless of their situation. That’s why we place real emphasis on providing accessible yet stylish bathrooms for those who may lack mobility.

Recently, we’ve introduced a brand new range of walk in baths, especially for those who enjoy a good soak yet find climbing in and out of the bath a chore.

9. Orchard walk in L shaped shower bath with easy access door and screen

With a secure and sturdy watertight door, this walk in shower bath is ideal for those who like the option of a shower or a bath. It’s easy to use: simply walk in, close the door and run your bath (ensuring it is at a comfortable temperature). With twin wastes, it drains 40% quicker than a regular bath to ensure you aren’t left waiting too long for your bath water to disappear.

Made from high quality acrylic, this L shaped bath also comes with a 6mm shower screen and handy rail for towels. If you don’t need a shower, you can also choose from different designs, including a deep soak bath and a straight bath to replace your existing tub.

Orchard walk in L shaped shower bath with easy access left handed door and screen 1700 x 700

More bathroom ideas for 2023 and beyond

If you’re searching for bath ideas and inspiration, you’ve arrived in just the right place. At Victoria Plum, you’ll discover everything you’d ever need to make the right choice for your bathroom. From freestanding bath ideas to saving space with shower baths, we’re here to help and provide the perfect inspiration.

Need a bit of advice? Check out our comprehensive bath buying guide, complete with video and expert recommendations. It’s the perfect place to begin, especially if you're unsure which option is right for you.

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Author, Ruth Foster

Posted by Ruth Foster in Inspiration | 7 months ago

As our resident Interior Designer, Ruth is passionate about home-related trends and loves light, airy interiors shaped by organic forms and colours. With a background in textiles for interiors, she is studying for a masters in interior design.

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