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4 refreshing freestanding bath ideas for 2024 and beyond

4 refreshing freestanding bath ideas for 2024 and beyond

Posted by Ruth Foster in Inspiration | 4 months ago 5 min read

We look forward to 2024 and beyond with these 4 freestanding bath ideas, including some new arrivals to the Victoria Plum range.

There’s a reason why the bathroom isn’t called the “toilet room” or the “basin room”. It’s because the humble bath has been the main focus of this most functional of spaces for many a year. So, it’s hardly surprising we often take such a long time choosing the perfect model for our needs.

In recent times, one of the biggest bathroom design trends has seen a switch from regular straight baths to freestanding tubs, and it isn’t difficult to see why. Freestanding baths offer a sense of luxury and indulgence—the perfect place in which to lie back, relax and let the stresses and strains of modern life wash over you.

If you deserve some extra indulgence in 2024 and beyond, check out these 4 refreshing freestanding bath ideas. After reading this, we guarantee you’ll feel much more relaxed!

1. Back to wall bathing

With the average UK bathroom floor plan not much larger than 2 king size mattresses laid side by side, space is at a real premium in modern homes.

Freestanding baths often require a large amount of space, so they can stand alone, away from walls and other fixtures, like toilets, basins and furniture. For those who have a small bathroom, yet still want all the style and all the luxury of a freestanding tub, bathroom designers needed to think a little differently.

And so, the back to wall freestanding bath was born…

Mode Adler back to wall bath 1700 x 785

The Adler back to wall bath (pictured above) from Mode Bathrooms, is the perfect compromise when it comes to fitting a freestanding bath in a small space.

At 1700 x 780, it is the exact length of a standard sized straight bath, although slightly wider for extra comfort, complete with sleek rounded corners. For easier installation, your taps can be deck mounted and it comes with an integrated waste and overflow, so no need to buy these separately.

If you prefer a more traditional style, you’ll love the Dulwich freestanding shower bath (pictured below), from The Bath Co.

Orchard Dulwich freestanding single ended shower bath 1500 x 780

This elegant bath is also available with a glass screen, so you can transform your bathroom into a multi-functional space, with the addition of a shower.

Intrigued by the idea of a traditional back to wall freestanding bath? Keep reading…

2. Slipper style

Slipper baths have been around for donkey’s years, and if you want to know what they are, we’ve written a whole blog post about them. So, why not complement a traditional or vintage style bathroom with your very own classic tub?

The Bath Co. Chartham traditional double ended slipper bath 1675 x 865

Another new addition to our range, this Art Deco-inspired beauty is double ended, meaning the taps are situated towards the middle. This provides plenty of room for 2, should you dare to share with your partner! The thin roll top edge and matching skirt bring additional detailing to this exquisite tub.

Why not choose a freestanding or wall mounted taps, like those from the beautiful Beaumont range, for a flowing style, and create a luxurious Art Deco style space?

If you have no intention of sharing your precious bath, the Traditional single ended slipper bath from The Bath Co. (pictured below), may be more your thing.

The Bath Co. Traditional single ended slipper bath

For a modern take on the traditional slipper bath, why not consider the Premium round single ended freestanding bath from Mode Bathrooms (pictured below)?

Mode premium round single ended freestanding bath 1790 x 790

3. Classic charm

Traditional roll top baths are incredibly popular, not least for their intricate detail and attention to detail. The classic roll top bath usually features “ball and claw” feet, which raise the whole tub off the floor, giving a truly regal impression.

Whilst the original roll top tubs were made of quite heavy and often brittle materials, like enamel, these days, modern hardwearing materials are preferred, such as acrylic.

The Bath Co. Traditional double ended roll top bath

The traditional double ended roll top bath, from The Bath Co. (pictured above), is a great choice, especially if you are working to a tight budget. Available in 2 sizes, 1500mm x 800mm and 1750mm x 800mm, you can still achieve the look no matter how big or small your bathroom may be. Taps can be deck mounted, giving you a broad range of options, whilst the chrome ball and claw feet add sparkle to your décor.

Fancy mixing things up a little? Why not choose a coloured bath, like the beautiful Dalston province blue back to wall freestanding tub from The Bath Co. (pictured below). Renowned property expert and TV presenter Sarah Beeny chose a similar bath from The Bath Co. range for her recent home renovation series Sarah Beeny’s New Life in the Country. You can find out more about Sarah Beeny’s favourite bathroom products in our exclusive interview.

The Bath Co. Dalston province blue back to wall freestanding bath with white ball and claw feet

4. Contemporary curves

If you like your bath to have curves in all the right places, you certainly won’t be disappointed with our new offering.

The Elsdon freestanding bath from Orchard Bathrooms (pictured below) features gorgeous curved sides and a smooth top, for graceful entry and exit every time you use it. Whilst the outer layer may appear thin for added minimalist styling, it conceals a hard-wearing fibreglass reinforced construction that is built to last.

Orchard Elsdon freestanding bath 1630 x 720

Meanwhile, the beautiful Harrison freestanding bath (pictured below), also from Mode Bathrooms, remains a very popular style. The simple oval shape, clean lines and effortless contemporary style are just some of the reasons why it continues to be a bestseller. Simply add a sleek freestanding bath and you’re set to go!

Mode Harrison freestanding bath 1700 x 770

Why not take a peek at how Victoria Plum customer Laura recreated this stunning look in her own home?

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Whatever type of bath you’re looking for, you’ll discover one of the widest selections around at Victoria Plum. Browse our freestanding baths, straight baths, back to wall baths and more by clicking on the banner below.

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Author, Ruth Foster

Posted by Ruth Foster in Inspiration | 4 months ago

As our resident Interior Designer, Ruth is passionate about home-related trends and loves light, airy interiors shaped by organic forms and colours. With a background in textiles for interiors, she is studying for a masters in interior design.

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