Close coupled toilets are the most popular design for modern bathrooms, thanks to their wide variety of styles.

This guide will give you an overview of the types of close coupled toilet available at, and the things you need to consider when choosing one.

What is a close coupled toilet?

This is the style of toilet that most of us would picture when we think of a bathroom. The name simply describes the design, in that the cistern is placed directly behind the toilet bowl, rather than high up above as with more old-fashioned, traditional toilets (see high and low level toilets for this type of design).

This design allows for many different looks from the traditional toilet to ultra-contemporary styles.

Styles of close coupled toilet

Contemporary close coupled toilets

Close coupled toilets are a great choice for a contemporary style bathroom, whether it’s super sleek and minimalist, or just a modern family bathroom.

Wharfe close coupled toilet

The Wharfe close coupled toilet (pictured above) is a great choice for a family bathroom, with its simple and elegant design and push button dual flush, which can reduce the amount of water you use. Whilst we have classed this as "contemporary", it could be argued that the Wahrfe is more of a "modern toilet"—representing a style period which spanned the 1920s to 1950s.

Mode Tate close coupled toilet with luxury soft close toilet seat

For a really sleek and contemporary look, the Tate close coupled toilet (pictured above) would make an ideal choice. It has clean lines and bold shapes creating a minimalist, modern style. This particular design is also known as a fully shrouded toilet, meaning the waste pipe and water inlet are "fully shrouded" within the ceramic, so the toilet sits flush against the wall. This makes it easier to clean, with no awkward nooks or dust traps.

Traditional close coupled toilets

We also have a great selection of close coupled toilets in a more traditional style, perfect if you’re designing a classic bathroom. If you want to create a truly traditional bathroom, you could also consider our high or low level toilets.

Winchester close coupled toilet

For the perfect blend of traditional style and modern functionality, you could choose our Winchester close coupled toilet (pictured above), or the Camberley toilet, with the option of wood effect seats for a beautiful look and quality feel.

The Bath Co. Camberley close coupled toilet with wooden soft close seat oak effect

The Camberley close coupled toilet comes with a range of different coloured toilet seat options

Browse the range at

Find the perfect choice for your bathroom in our range of close coupled toilets, or if you’re looking for something a bit different, take a look at our back to wall toilets and wall hung toilets.

Fitting your new close coupled toilet

Find out how to fit a toilet with our handy "how to" guide.


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