There really is nothing like waking up and jumping into a nice hot shower to help wake you up in the morning. But with so many options to pick from these days, how do you decide upon the right option?

When choosing the type of shower valve you want, you first need to decide upon what features you would like in your new shower. There is a sliding scale of options and combinations, from the very basic shower slider rail kits to fixed shower heads and even body jets.

Once you have chosen your shower, you’ll also need to invest in a suitable valve. Luckily, here at, we sell all our most popular showers together with thermostatic shower valves. But, before you buy, it’s a good idea to understand what each valve does:

Twin shower valve

  • Controls a single shower function e.g. an overhead shower or small slider rail kit, but not both.
  • 1 handle controls the temperature.
  • The other handle controls the water flow.

Twin shower valve with diverter

  • Enables you to switch the water from 1 shower function to another e.g. from an overhead shower to a smaller slider rail kit.
  • 1 handle controls the temperature.
  • The other handle is the diverter which switches the water between the 2 shower functions (each function is either fully on or fully off).

Triple shower valve

  • Supplies 2 shower functions, e.g. an overhead shower or small slider rail kit, and both showers can be on at the same time.
  • 1 handle controls the temperature.
  • The other 2 handles are both flow controls for each function.

Triple shower valve with diverter

  • Supplies 3 shower functions, e.g. an overhead shower, small slider rail kit and body jets.
  • One handle controls the temperature.
  • One handle is a diverter which switches water flow between 1 of 2 functions (or it can be set so both are off) e.g. overhead shower or slider rail kit.
  • The final handle is a flow control which independently controls a 3rd function from fully on to fully off e.g. body jets.

Cubik Oval Triple Valve with Diverter

Concealed or exposed?

An exposed valve has all its working parts on display, which can make a really nice feature. A concealed valve has its working parts hidden behind the wall, giving a clean, fresh look. The choice is yours.

The benefits of thermostatic valves

Thermostatic valves allow you to set the temperature of your shower, whilst maintaining the flow. So you get an invigorating shower that’s just right for you.

At, all our valve bodies are made from solid brass, a hardwearing material that’ll ensure your shower works perfectly for many years to come.