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Feng Shui your way to a harmonious bathroom

Feng Shui your way to a harmonious bathroom

Posted by Ruth Foster in Inspiration | 1 month ago 5 min read

How can you use the principles of Feng Shui to create a harmonious and relaxing bathroom? Follow our expert Ruth’s 5-point plan…

Hi, my name’s Ruth, and as the resident Interior Designer here at Victoria Plum, I’m always keen to share my knowledge and experience with you. When designing your home, one thing that often mystifies and intrigues in equal measures is Feng Shui.

What is Feng Shui?

For the uninitiated, Feng Shui (which translates as “wind-water”) is a traditional Chinese practice that uses “energy flows” to bring harmony between people and their surrounding environment. Whilst some believe this to be a pseudo-science, the key principles are undeniably grounded in simple common sense. So, whether you believe in “energy flows” or not, Feng Shui is a fun way to organise your home.

Feng Shui and your bathroom

In Feng Shui, the bathroom is often seen as having the lowest flow of energy compared to other rooms in your home, primarily due to its historically “unhygienic” nature. However, creating a bathroom that radiates harmony and balance is easier than you might think.

Over the years, I’ve discovered specific ways to incorporate the principles of Feng Shui into your bathroom design. By following my 5-point plan below, you can create a space that not only looks stylish but also promotes a sense of wellbeing and positive energy.

1. Let your Chi flow free

To improve the flow of Chi (“Cosmic Flow”), it's crucial to create a feeling of openness and fluidity in the bathroom.

This can be done by keeping the area clean and ensuring there's an unobstructed path for energy to circulate.

Adding rounded fixtures and gentle, curved lines can also promote a smooth and gentle flow of energy.

Feng Shui in the bathroom—Let your Chi flow free

Click on the image above for an in-depth dive into this bathroom and others like it

2. Finding balance in elements and colours

Feng Shui focuses on harmonising the 5 traditional elements: water, wood, metal, earth and fire.

Since water is inherently dominant in the bathroom, it's crucial to integrate the other elements to achieve balance. Earthy tones for tiles, wooden accents for warmth and metal fixtures for equilibrium are essential.

Adding a pop of vibrant colour, such as red or orange, can symbolise the fire element and bring a lively energy to the room.

Feng Shui in the bathroom—Finding balance in elements and colours

Click on the image above to find out more about the latest key colours for your bathroom

3. Reduce clutter, increase positive energy

A tidy bathroom not only appears more attractive but also promotes a smoother flow of energy.

Reducing clutter enables positive energy to move more freely, fostering a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

Implementing smart storage options like tall units and floating shelves keeps essentials well-organised and out of sight.

Feng Shui in the bathroom—Reduce clutter, increase positive energy

To help you reduce clutter, click on the image above to discover Helen Skelton's Less Mess, No Stress bathroom

4. Optimising light and ventilation

Natural light and proper ventilation are crucial aspects of Feng Shui, as they rejuvenate energy and maintain a vibrant, airy ambience.

It's essential to factor this in when designing your bathroom. Incorporate large windows or skylights whenever possible and opt for light, sheer curtains to maximise natural light.

If natural light is scarce, strategically placing bathroom mirrors can help reflect light and brighten the space.

Feng Shui in the bathroom—Optimising light and ventilation

Click on the image above for great tips on using bathroom mirrors to enhance light

5. Positioning your bathroom fixtures

The arrangement of fixtures like basins, toilets and showers greatly influences the energy flow in a bathroom.

Ideally, your toilet should be situated away from the door and not be the first thing you see upon entering.

Positioning your basin and/or vanity unit in a spot that ensures easy use and promotes good energy flow is also crucial.

Showers should have a clear glass enclosure to avoid trapping energy. Frameless glass screens are ideal, but don’t be tempted with smoked or tinted glass.

Feng Shui in the bathroom—Positioning your bathroom fixtures

For some fabulous East/West fusion, click on the image above to read more about our Japandi style bathroom


By incorporating these Feng Shui principles into your bathroom design, you too can create a space that is not only visually appealing but also fosters a sense of balance and wellbeing.

A thoughtfully designed bathroom will soon become your own private sanctuary, where you can unwind and rejuvenate. Enjoy!

More bathroom planning advice

At Victoria Plum, we’re full of bright ideas and expert advice when it comes to your bathroom. For more great tips, head to our bathroom planning page, where you’ll find helpful articles and guides to making the very most out of your bathroom layout. From recommended clearance guidelines to planning a small bathroom, you’ll discover everything you need.

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Author, Ruth Foster

Posted by Ruth Foster in Inspiration | 1 month ago

As our resident Interior Designer, Ruth is passionate about home-related trends and loves light, airy interiors shaped by organic forms and colours. With a background in textiles for interiors, she is studying for a masters in interior design.

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