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Get the Look: Helen Skelton's Quiet Luxury
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Get the Look: Helen Skelton's Quiet Luxury

Posted by Ruth Foster in Style guides | 4 months ago 9 min read

Introducing a new interior design trend for 2024, Helen Skelton and our creative team show you how to “Get the Look” with an understated yet luxurious bathroom—all at a surprisingly affordable cost.

If you’re tired of blingy, in-your-face bathrooms which look far too shiny and plastic-wrapped, have we got the antidote for you. In this bathroom style guide, we’ve come up with a look that is far more sophisticated, timeless and elegant. The perfect way to relax into 2024…

Helen Skelton is here to inspire

As part of the Victoria Plum team, Helen Skelton is here to lend a helping hand when it comes to styling your bathroom. With a keen interest in home interiors and a sharp eye for fashion, Helen and I have joined forces to bring you an on-trend bathroom design that appeals to young and old alike.

With this bathroom style guide, we’ll explain what the look is in simple terms and demonstrate how it can be achieved affordably in your own home.

Helen and Ruth working on bathroom ideas

Helen and I, busy working on our next bathroom style guide

Get the Look: Quiet Luxury

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, trends come and go, but some leave a lasting imprint that transcends the fleeting nature of fashion. Enter "Quiet Luxury", an upcoming interior design trend that finds its perfect home in the sanctuary of the bathroom.

Also known as the "Old Money Aesthetic", Quiet Luxury encapsulates an understated elegance that speaks volumes through its refined sophistication.

Helen Skelton’s Quiet Luxury bathroom ideas

At its core, Quiet Luxury revolves around the art of investing in minimalist pieces of the highest quality, boasting timeless appeal. By blending understated design with luxurious materials, you can easily curate a space that is both calming and indulgent. Unlike bold, brash and flashy trends, Quiet Luxury focuses on creating a lasting impact through subtle, yet powerful, design choices.

Some of the main things we’ve considered when designing this bathroom include:

  • A minimalist bath and showering space
  • Making the most of existing design features, like high ceilings, windows and fireplace
  • Soft, neutral shades and subtle textures
  • Quality metallic finishes
  • Curved, recessed shelving for on-trend storage space
  • Ambient lighting as a design element
  • Japandi style accessories in the form of pot plants

What sets Quiet Luxury apart is its accessibility. Identified by both Future Homes and Ideal Homes as an upcoming trend for the more budget-conscious, Quiet Luxury is the epitome of "anti-bling." It rejects ostentation in favour of timeless, understated design, making it an affordable luxury accessible to a broad audience. This trend proves that luxury isn’t simply confined to grand displays but can be seamlessly integrated into everyday living.

Helen Skelton on the Quiet Luxury look

Next, we’ll take a closer look at some of the individual elements that make up our Quiet Luxury bathroom.

A palette of tranquillity

The colour palette of the Quiet Luxury look is a testament to its name. Soft, neutral shades dominate, creating an atmosphere of tranquillity. These calming hues, combined with subtle textures, elevate the space to new heights of understated opulence.

When approaching any bathroom design, a mood board (see below) is always a great way to see how all these colours, patterns and finishes work in harmony.

Quiet Luxury inspirational bathroom mood board

The design is carefully curated to evoke a sense of peace and sophistication, ensuring your bathroom becomes a genuine retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Styling your bathroom

Sleek, high quality fixtures take centre stage in our Quiet Luxury bathroom. Think antique bronze tapware and slipper baths that exude an air of refined simplicity.

The emphasis here is not on opulence for the sake of opulence but on the exquisite craftsmanship and enduring allure of each carefully chosen piece. This trend thrives on the Scandinavian principle of Lagom—that less is more, especially when each element is of the utmost quality.

Helen Skelton’s Quiet Luxury bathroom ideas

Luxurious bathing

In our Quiet Luxury bathroom, the Chartham freestanding slipper bath from The Bath Co. proudly takes centre stage, allowing its gracious curves and refined sophistication speak for itself. And, while you might not have the same cavernous dimensions to play with, your choice of bath should clearly, yet subtly portray a sense of relaxation. We’ve complemented the bath with elegant standpipes and the Winchester bath shower mixer tap from Orchard Bathrooms.

The Bath Co. Chartham traditional double ended slipper bath 1675 x 865

We used the following products:

Orchard Winchester bath shower mixer tap

A decadent showering space

Nothing whispers luxury like a walk in wet room shower. Echoing the traditional designs throughout our Quiet Luxury bathroom, we’ve opted for the vintage-inspired Dulwich thermostatic twin round shower valve set which comes complete with an overhead drench shower and handset. Meanwhile, the wet room glass panel from Mode Bathrooms offers sleek and unobtrusive protection from splashes, keeping the rest of your bathroom nice and dry.

We used the following products:

Orchard Dulwich thermostatic twin round shower valve set with handset

Quality ceramics

Set atop a rustic cabinet which can either be new or, in this case, upcycled, you’ll find the Ellis countertop basin from Mode Bathrooms. Minimalist and contemporary in its design, it’s the ideal choice for our Quiet Luxury bathroom, complemented by gorgeous antique bronze wall taps from The Bath Co. Positioned above the basin area, making use of both the natural and artificial ambient light is the Dalston mirror from The Bath Co. Featuring a rustic wood surround and handy shelf, it offers a more refined look, when compared to conventional bathroom mirrors and cabinets.

We used the following products:

Mode Ellis countertop basin 485mm

For the toilet, we’ve gone with a low level design which gives a real timeless look without being too in-your-face or flashy. This comes complete with a limed oak-effect seat which fits seamlessly with the distressed wood in both the cabinet and flooring design.

We used the following products:

The Bath Co. Camberley low level toilet with wooden soft close seat limed oak effect

Elegant heating

While this bathroom enjoys the luxury of a roaring fireplace, we do realise few homes are blessed with such a wonderful original feature. When choosing our heating, we wanted something practical yet luxurious, which is why we selected the Santa Fe traditional radiator from The Heating Co. Featuring a traditional design that complements the rest of our fixtures, it goes about its business quietly and efficiently, yet with an understated elegance that encapsulates the entire look.

We used the following products:

Helen Skelton’s Quiet Luxury bathroom ideas

Soft neutral walls and floors

In keeping with our soft neutral palette, we've opted for a mix of traditional white wood panelling and limewashed walls. The overall effect is warm, welcoming and wonderfully relaxing.

Light grey tiles have been used sparingly around the shower area, whilst the flooring is made up of splash-resistant composite planks, designed to look just like weathered wood.

We used the following products:

Calcolo Basaltic light grey polished glazed porcelain wall and floor tile 300 x 600mm

Japandi style accessories

With the emphasis on "less is more", we've carefully selected a small number of accessories, combining both form and function.

Plant pots and ornaments are Japandi in style; simple, minimalist, organic, drawing from the very best in Japanese and Scandi designs.

We used the following accessory ranges:

Mode Burton 8mm wet room glass panel with overhead support bar

Ambient lighting for subdued opulence

In our Quiet Luxury bathroom, lighting isn’t just a practical consideration; it's a design element in itself. While functional downlights are great for everyday use, ambient lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall sense of understated luxury.

Soft, warm lighting fixtures, like the pendant light above the basin area, contribute to the tranquil ambience, creating a space where every moment is bathed in sophistication.

The Bath Co. Dalston bathroom mirror with shelf 750 x 600mm

Get the Look in a small bathroom

Quiet Luxury small bathroom

If you've been captivated by this style, but only have a small space to play with, we've shrunk the look down a little.

To save on space, we've applied a handful of interior design tricks, including the installation of a multi-purpose shower bath. The Dulwich freestanding shower bath features all the timeless qualities of a roll top tub, whilst allowing you to enjoy your morning shower in comfort. Meanwhile, we've replaced the vanity unit from our larger room set with a basin shelf, which helps keep vital floor space free.

Quiet Luxury small bathroom ideas

We used the following products:

Quiet Luxury cloakroom

Your downstairs cloakroom is one of those rooms which will leave a lasting impression on friends, family and house guests alike. And this one is simple, yet sophisticated, complete with a traditional wall hung basin and toilet combination. The elements that remain constant throughout our smaller bathrooms include the tiles, limewash walls, panelling, feature lighting and timeless fixtures.

Quiet Luxury cloakroom ideas

We used the following products:

Be inspired!

Quiet Luxury isn’t just a design trend; it's a philosophy that invites tranquillity and elegance into our homes. As we embrace this upcoming trend in bathroom design, we’re reminded that true luxury lies not in the extravagant, but in the refined simplicity that stands the test of time. Quiet Luxury is a whisper that resonates, inviting us to create spaces that reflect not only our style but our commitment to enduring beauty.

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Author, Ruth Foster

Posted by Ruth Foster in Style guides | 4 months ago

As our resident Interior Designer, Ruth is passionate about home-related trends and loves light, airy interiors shaped by organic forms and colours. With a background in textiles for interiors, she is studying for a masters in interior design.

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