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Swift & stylish: 5 shower wall panel ideas for your bathroom

Swift & stylish: 5 shower wall panel ideas for your bathroom

Posted by Ruth Foster in Inspiration | 4 months ago 7 min read

Quick and easy to fit, shower wall panels are a growing bathroom trend. And when it comes to inspiration, we’ve got you covered with 5 super stylish ideas.

Choosing a wall covering for your bathroom isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. Splash zones around showers, baths and basins need extra protection, preventing the sub-surface of your walls getting damaged. Tiles have traditionally been the wall covering of choice and remain popular in bathrooms up and down the country. However, when it comes to decorating your walls, there’s a new kid in town…

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What are shower wall panels?

Unlike tiles, which are usually made from ceramic or porcelain, shower wall panels commonly consist of a laminated sheet applied to a material such as plywood. These are supplied in large sheets (usually big enough to cover a large section of wall from floor to ceiling), which can be cut to the exact size you need. In many cases, the panels come with a specialist joint, so additional panels can be locked together to produce a fully watertight surface.

Despite the name, shower wall panels don’t have to be used exclusively around your shower area. They can be fitted right around your bathroom, to protect your walls and prevent moisture damage (so, perhaps we should call them bathroom wall panels instead?).

Available in a huge selection of colours, designs, materials and sizes, there’s good reason why shower wall panels are growing in popularity, which we’ll go through in the next section.

Orchard Gloss White shower wall panel pack for enclosures up to 1000 x 1000

Shower wall panels (or should that be bathroom wall panels?) make a great style statement

The benefits of shower wall panels v tiles

There are multiple reasons why so many people are turning to shower wall panels as an alternative to tiles. We’ve listed just some of them below.

  • They are quicker to fit (up to 6 times faster, on average)—just cut to size and apply using a wall panel kit
  • Bathroom wall panels are often more cost-effective
  • Once fitted, they are easy to keep clean
  • They provide an almost seamless, smooth surface that looks super stylish
  • With no grout, there’s nowhere for unsightly mould to develop
  • They are incredibly hardwearing, offering excellent resistance to stains and scratches, with up to 20 times the impact strength of glass
  • They can be fitted over existing wall coverings like tiles

Amongst all the benefits, this last point is very poignant. Grout can dull over time, meaning you’ll need to either regrout your tiles or replace them entirely. Shower wall panels will remain looking good for many years to come. Find out how to clean shower wall panels.

We’ve picked out 5 of our favourite shower wall panels, to demonstrate just how easy it is to create a certain style with the range of designs available. Check out all our shower wall panel ideas below.

1. Luxury by Linda

Multipanel Linda Barker Salvaged Plank unlipped shower wall panel 2400 x 1200

Multipanel Linda Barker Salvaged Plank unlipped shower wall panel

When it comes to luxury, this hybrid wet room/bathroom has it all, including gorgeous bathroom wall panels!

From Multipanel, this wall panel range has been developed in partnership with the interior design expert and TV personality Linda Barker and comes in a variety of opulent yet modern designs. We’ve picked out this wonderful salvaged plank finish which creates a stunning distressed wood effect, for a Scandi style bathroom that feels warm and welcoming.

Why not browse our full range of Multipanel shower wall panels?

2. The natural look

Multipanel Classic Cappuccino Stone unlipped shower wall panel 2400 x 1200

Multipanel Classic Cappuccino Stone unlipped shower wall panel 2400 x 1200

Almost as an antidote to the busy, chaotic modern world we live in, organic surfaces and textures are proving more and more popular in home interiors. Whilst shower wall panels may not be everyone’s cup of tea, we feel this Classic Cappucino Stone design will sweeten even the most ardent fans of tiled walls.

Providing a calming, relaxing backdrop, it’ll certainly help leave you feeling revived, refreshed and ready to face the day ahead. And, you needn’t go overboard with your wall panels. In this particular design, we’ve used different wall coverings, like square and hexagonal tiles, in different places to zone the bathroom.

3. Take me to the Riven

Multipanel Classic Riven Slate Hydrolock shower wall panel

Multipanel Classic Riven Slate Hydrolock shower wall panel

For a more theatrical backdrop to your showering experience, why not choose something deliciously dark?

We’ve picked out these magnificently moody Riven Slate shower wall panels from Multipanel for their sheer opulence. Complete with a textured dark slate grey finish, they provide a great way to introduce natural elements to your bathroom décor.

Whether you’re looking to create your very own dark domain or feel like mixing dark with light in a monochrome bathroom, these high quality shower wall panels, featuring Multipanel’s Hydrolock edges, are a good place to start.

4. Small space, big impact

Multipanel Classic Jupiter Silver unlipped shower wall panel 2400 x 1200

Multipanel Classic Jupiter Silver unlipped shower wall panel 2400 x 1200

It’s not just bigger bathrooms that benefit from shower wall panels. Even those smaller spaces, like cloakrooms and ensuites, can become much greater than the sum of their parts when the walls look this wonderful!

For those who love that timeless, traditional feel, a wood effect wall is just the ticket. As you can see, this panel perfectly complements the contemporary toilet and basin suite, creating a warm, welcoming space which your house guests are bound to enjoy.

5. Marvellous marble

Orchard Black Marble shower wall panel pack for enclosures up to 1000 x 1000

Orchard Black Marble shower wall panel pack for enclosures up to 1000 x 1000

Marble is undoubtedly the most luxurious material you can ever use in a bathroom. However, there's a reason why you'll only find it in the bathrooms of the super-rich and famous...and that is the cost. So, what do you do if you love the look but don't want to pay the price? Panel it, of course!

You'll find a superb selection of marble effect shower wall panels, which give you the look you love at a fraction of the price. Even on a tight budget, you can really push the boat out with your design. For those who like dark grey bathrooms, these black marble bathroom wall panels from Orchard Bathrooms are a great choice.

How to fit shower wall panels

If you’ve been suitably inspired by this article, you might want to find out just how easy it is to fit shower wall panels in our practical “how to” guide.

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At Victoria Plum, you’ll discover a huge selection of beautiful shower wall panels at competitive prices, from established brands such as Multipanel and Orchard Bathrooms, with more to come. Simply click on the image below to begin shopping.

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Bathroom wall panels: Further ideas and advice

If you’re seeking further inspiration or help with bathroom wall panels, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our bathroom blog for advice on putting panelling in your bathroom and guidance on what you should put on an empty bathroom wall. And discover our #GetTheLook bathroom style guides, many of which contain bathroom wall panels.

Author, Ruth Foster

Posted by Ruth Foster in Inspiration | 4 months ago

As our resident Interior Designer, Ruth is passionate about home-related trends and loves light, airy interiors shaped by organic forms and colours. With a background in textiles for interiors, she is studying for a masters in interior design.

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