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What's included in an ensuite bathroom?
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What's included in an ensuite bathroom?

Posted by Rebecca Doody in Room planning | 2 years ago 6 min read

Popular and private, an ensuite bathroom is next to a bedroom and can only be reached by a door in the bedroom. Discover all about the concept of ensuite bathrooms...

When you go furniture shopping, more often than not, you may have come to notice the term "ensuite bathroom". This is because in the last few decades, this specific add-on to the home has been widely sought after, and for good reason. Sometimes people might refer to this concept as a “master bathroom” or an “ensuite bedroom”. Both terms are correct.

A lot of bathroom suites will include this idea, so what does it mean? Why do people like it? And how can you fit it into the mental layout of your perfect house when going house-shopping? Your dream bathroom is easy to achieve.

Whether you want a new bathroom suite or minor changes such as vanity units, storage space, shower enclosures or bathroom accessories, there is a superb range of ideas out there. What's included in a bathroom suite are many different pieces of bathroom furniture, and an ensuite can still incorporate a shower room, bathroom fixtures, floor space and perhaps a cloakroom suite.

The Bath Co. Camberley traditional 8mm quadrant shower enclosure

What does “ensuite” mean?

Ensuite is a phrase in the French language, meaning “in harmony”, “in agreement” or “in sequence”. Whilst you might certainly hear this term occasionally to describe other harmonies between objects, you’ll most probably associate it with interior design and bathroom space.

In the context of this article, “ensuite” is more closely linked to the English adjective “adjoining” or “connected”.

When it comes to selling a house, sellers might opt to describe the bathroom connected to the bedroom as an ensuite bathroom, or say that the rooms come with “ensuite” facilities. Note that adjoining or attached are perfectly good ways to describe the kind of bathroom you want. Choosing the right bathroom suite is important. Have a look through our bathroom suite buying guide for inspiration.

What is an ensuite bathroom?

The largest bedroom in the house is most commonly called the master bedroom. In some cases, only a bedroom with ensuite facilities, a walk-in closet, or a connected balcony will be classified as master bedrooms.

Many buyers see an ensuite bathroom not just as a plus but as a necessity. One key feature of an en suite bathroom that not many people mention in articles like these is that if you’re planning to live solo and sub-let rooms out, rooms with en suite bathrooms are much easier to rent out for reasons we’ll be getting into later. There will be more available space in this room, and often this gives it a luxury feel. A family bathroom may house things like a bath suite, freestanding baths and a full bathroom set from the same bathroom collection.

Smaller bathrooms can make use of pieces such as shower baths, a half bath, wall hung toilets, a shower enclosure or a walk in shower. Space saving is crucial in a small bathroom, and you can purchase specific small bathroom suites that are of a traditional style or suitable for contemporary bathrooms. Small bathrooms and compact bathrooms are all about the need to save space. Corner toilets and a vanity unit with storage help to maximise space.

Mirrors and mirror cabinets

Find out how small you can go with your ensuite in our informative article

Why would someone specifically want an ensuite bathroom?

Night time safety

When you are already cosied up in bed, just like in most hotel rooms, you want your trip to the toilet to be as close as it can get. You definitely don’t want to have to stumble through the hallways, into the living room and then turn on various lights in the process.

Having a bathroom attached to your room is amazing. What’s more, when you’ve just woken up, your concentration is probably not at its best so wandering around the house to find the bathroom could result in injury. So, having an en suite bathroom eliminates these possible risks and inconveniences.

Bathroom furniture should also be minimal in an ensuite for this reason. Wall hung pieces not only save space, but are easier not to bump into in the middle of the night. Take that into consideration when thinking about a new bathroom.


Having your main bathroom and bathroom suite nearby can help you relax more. Given that most ensuite bathrooms have an additional locking door to secure the privacy of the user, you know that whilst showering, you are secure. Plus, if you’re living in a shared apartment, any videos you’re laughing to on your phone or music you’re singing in the shower is additionally muffled.

If you have children in your household, this is an additional must. A bathroom is not just a place of business; it’s where busy adults de-stress, reflect and even have a little bit of sensual, intimate time. Showering and taking baths can be a great way to get some me-time or us-time in with your partner, away from the kids. A designer bathroom can include many of the luxurious details that you need. These may be different to what you require in a family bathroom.

Lastly, because of the common layouts of the house, the ensuite bathroom is usually located in the most remote part of the house. This makes it by location, the furthest you can really get from your children and from guests. Although traditionally smaller, the ensuite's bathroom design can include both bath and shower so that you have the choice.

MySpace slate matt grey right handed combination unit with Wharfe back to wall toilet


It is a lot easier to know you can leave your toiletries and accessories in the ensuite bathroom than worry about having to clear them out every single time you use the toilet.

When more people use a bathroom such as guests, it is in both your and your partner’s interests to keep the bathroom clean.

When you have a common toilet that the whole family shares in a large family bathroom, it can conversely be easier to deflect responsibility. When you are answerable to only one other person however, it makes being motivated to keep the space within your bathroom suite clean all the more possible. The shower enclosure will need cleaning, and bathroom furniture will need wiping over at least once a week. A bathroom suite consists of many items that need to be kept hygienic.

Alongside this, when two adults work together, master bathrooms won’t take very long to clean. Moreover, if you’re the only person using the bathroom, then the ensuite bathroom is just perfect. If you have the facility, having the bathroom attached to the guest room is a great idea. A guest can enjoy the benefits of a bathroom suite in close proximity and make use of the privacy. Although this may be expensive, if you shop around then you can find cheap bathroom suites that suit your guest bathroom purpose.


Situations change. Maybe your parents or a friend are coming to stay, or somewhere in the future somewhere, you might be expecting a change in occupancy to the house. You may even be thinking of renting a room. In all of those situations, an ensuite bathroom would be perfect.

If you have guests often and enjoy friends and family coming to stay, having an ensuite bathroom is lovely. Guests don’t have to feel under watch when going to the toilet. Having an ensuite bathroom is also great if you’re germ-conscious or don’t like people meddling with your possessions. Shower enclosures in this case will only be used by other people and will make cleaning easier.

If your bedroom has an en suite bathroom, or your houseguest is using theirs, you can be assured that your toiletries won’t be moved, which for some, is really all that matters.

Waterfall mixer taps


We’ve looked at what an ensuite bathroom is and why you may want to include one in your home. Overall, most people love ensuite bathrooms, and it’s seen usually as a feature rather than a downside. There are so many bathroom ideas which can make the room feel personal and private.

You should also remember to consider having another common bathroom for guests if you have the space in your house. If people have no choice but to use the ensuite bathroom and have to walk through your private room to do so, then it defeats all the upside points.

If you’re looking to get creative, you can redesign the ensuite space. A new bathroom can include Jack and Jill doors, and enable the master bedroom to be split into 2 rooms with a shared toilet. Let us know what you think by following us on social media and sharing your thoughts.

Shop for ensuite bathrooms

Whatever style you’re looking to achieve, whatever budget you’re working to, at Victoria Plum you’ll find the perfect solutions for ensuite bathrooms. From downstairs toilets to compact shower enclosures, we’ve come up with a comprehensive range of cleverly designed products to fit a wide range of styles. To make buying for your ensuite easier, we have a wide range of ensuite bathroom suites. Why not browse today?

More ensuite bathroom ideas and advice

For more ensuite bathroom ideas and advice, either head to our Small Spaces hub or click on any of the links below.

Author, Rebecca Doody

Posted by Rebecca Doody in Room planning | 2 years ago

Originally from Somerset, Rebecca is our resident copywriter who takes care of all things product related. Rebecca loves the modern interior style with both neutral and bold influences to create a statement look.

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