Keeping your shower head free from dirt and limescale is important as it will help maintain the performance of your shower. In this expert guide, we’ll show you how to clean a shower head, complete with handy video.

Limescale affects the majority of homes in the UK and a build-up can affect the flow rate of your shower, leading to a poor experience. Giving your shower some quick and easy TLC can help improve this.

As part of our series of “Modern Fixes” for your bathroom, you’ll discover just how simple it is.

Things you’ll need:

  • Clean cloth
  • Fresh water
  • Toothbrush
  • White vinegar
  • Ziplock or sandwich bag

How to clean a shower head step-by-step video

Here’s how to clean a shower head

  1. Take your shower head and place it inside the ziplock or sandwich bag.

  2. Add the white vinegar—enough to cover most of the head.

  3. Close the bag and leave it to soak for up to an hour.

  4. Remove the shower head from the bag and rinse in fresh water.

  5. Use the toothbrush to scrub away any limescale.

  6. Wipe down with a clean cloth.

Congratulations, you have now cleaned your shower head.

Step-by-step images

  1. Placing your shower head inside the sandwich bag.

Shower head inside bag

  1. Adding white vinegar.

Add white vinegar

  1. Leaving the shower head inside the closed bag to soak.

Leave your shower head to soak

  1. Rinsing the shower head in fresh water.

Rinsing your shower head

  1. Scrubbing limescale with the toothbrush.

Scrubbing limescale

  1. Wiping down with a cloth.

Wiping down with a cloth

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