With the bonus of an extra day this month, it’s time to put that additional 24 hours to good use.

To help you finish February feeling all productive, here are 4 simple ways you can spruce up your home.

1. Fix that toilet seat

In a recent bathroom survey, we found out that one of the little things that annoyed people the most was a broken or ill-fitting toilet seat.

It could just be a simple case of getting your hands dirty and tightening the nuts underneath your pan. However, if your seat truly has given up the ghost, or has simply lost its soft closing ability, we have a great range of replacement seats, from ultra-thin designs, to seats with integrated child seat.

Make sure you check out our toilet seat advice before buying.

D Shape Thermoset Top Fix Seat with Stainless Steel Soft Close and Lift Off

Even more unusual seats, like this D shaped model, can be easily replaced

2. Assess your storage needs

Another issue that seems to be commonly glossed over is clutter and the need for more space in the bathroom. If your bathroom is chock full of “product”, maybe you could do with being more clever with your storage.

One easy action could be simply reorganising your cabinets and throwing away anything that is out of date, or just never gets used. However, it could be the case that you need to invest in some more storage.

If you have the wall space, why not get a wall hung cabinet? Your under-basin space can also be put to better use with a vanity unit. Our smallest design is just 215mm deep, to fit even the most cramped cloakroom.

Clarity Compact white cloakroom unit with resin basin 410mm

Compact by name, compact by nature. The Clarity Compact white cloakroom unit with resin basin is great for small bathrooms

3. It’s all about the accessories

Sometimes, all that’s needed to freshen up a tired looking room is a set of new accessories. If your bathroom is less than salubrious, why not invest in a range of matching accessories? Choose from contemporary or traditional styles, with full accessory sets available for well under £50.

Using a drill and screwdrivers, you should certainly be able to fit these yourself.

Options traditional towel shelf

The Options traditional shelf gives you a handy place to store and hang your towels

4. Check for leaks or a leaky loo

A leaky tap or toilet could be wasting plenty of water and hard-earned cash. That's why it pays to have a quick check for drips and leaks.

A dripping tap is usually extremely obvious and can really annoy you if left unfixed. Taps are easy to replace and are also quite inexpensive. A leaky toilet is harder to detect, however, by using this leaky toilet guide from Thames Water, you can soon see the tell-tale signs.

Switches and fixes

Get all those small-scale, straightforward jobs done and dusted with the help of our Switches & Fixes hub.


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