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Revealed: The 12 essential accessories for bathrooms
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Revealed: The 12 essential accessories for bathrooms

Posted by Adam Chard in Buying guides | 5 months ago 12 min read

Looking to add those finishing touches to your refurb? We reveal the 12 essential accessories for bathrooms, to help transform your space into an oasis of comfort and style.

When planning and, finally, having your bathroom installed, one of the last things you’ll be thinking about is your bathroom accessories.

However, before your plumbing gets reconnected and your tiles are set, it pays to think about accessorising, as you’ll want your new bathroom to function properly and efficiently from Day 1.

To help you work out exactly what you need, so you can add them to your order, we’ve come up with the 12 essential accessories for bathrooms, as compiled by the experts at Victoria Plum.

Use this article as a checklist, to ensure you don’t forget a thing.

12. Robe hook

Picture the scene. It’s a dark, cold, winter’s morning and you’ve just hurried from your nice warm bedroom to the bathroom, feeling cosy (and, no doubt, a little sleepy) in your thick dressing gown or bath robe. Stealing yourself to jump into the shower, you finally peel it off, only to realise… there’s nowhere to hang it!

Now, for most of us, who remember to add a bathroom hook (usually to the back of the door), this scenario needn’t play out. But it is one of those teeny, tiny essentials that, if overlooked, could make a big difference to your bathroom experience.

Bathroom hooks

Has this accessory from the Flex range by Accents got you "hooked"?

One thing to think about, when choosing your robe hook, is how it’ll fit with other accessories in your bathroom. For example, are you going for a more traditional theme? Would black complement your chosen colour scheme better?

While it may be small, your choice of robe hook will contribute to the overall look and style of your bathroom.

11. Bathroom bin

Bathroom bins are one of those accessories for bathrooms that serve a very real purpose. As we all know, to keep your drains free from blockages, you shouldn’t flush anything down the toilet, aside from liquid or solid human waste (wee and poo) and toilet paper.

If you share your bathroom with family, a bathroom bin is essential to encourage good practice when it comes to things like sanitary products, wipes, contact lenses, cotton wool and other smaller items we need to throw away.

Find out more about whether you can flush bathroom wipes.

Bathroom bins

Keep your bathroom clean and tidy with a small pedal bin like this one from our Accents range

For easy use, choose a bin with pedal-operated opening and make sure you select one with sufficient capacity for your needs.

Stainless steel bins are very hard-wearing and easily complement common chrome finishes throughout your bathroom.

10. Tumbler or Toothbrush holder

One of the most important parts of our daily health routine is brushing our teeth.

The history of brushing teeth is a long one, in which it was ultimately discovered that, by doing this regularly, we could combat tooth decay and maintain oral hygiene. And, in these modern times, with foods that contain lots of sugar, it's more important than ever.

That’s why it’s essential for us to have somewhere handy to store our toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Tumblers and toothbrush holders

The on-trend way to take care of your teeth. Discover the Turin Terrazzo tumbler from Accents

Tumblers are very simple in their design and can be used to store your toothbrushes and can even be used to swill your mouth out after brushing your teeth. Some toothbrush holders even contain separate holes for each toothbrush. And, you can choose between freestanding or wall hung designs, which help to keep your basin area clear and uncluttered.

It’s important to clean your tumbler or toothbrush holder regularly, to prevent unpleasant limescale and mould from developing.

Toothbrush holders encourage younger members of the family (who don’t necessarily understand the benefits) to brush their teeth, rather than having them stored away in a cupboard or cabinet.

9. Bath mat

To help avoid slippery and potentially dangerous wet floors, a bath mat is one of the essential accessories for bathrooms. Positioned next to the bath or shower, bathroom mats are designed to absorb water droplets which fall from your body, and many people prefer to stand on a bath mat whilst towelling down.

But don’t be fooled. Not all bath mats are made equal! If you choose a cheap bath mat, it is unlikely to do its job very well and probably won’t last long until it needs to be replaced. Look out for good quality microfibre mats which are machine washable or even bamboo wood mats, for a more organic look and feel.

Bathroom mats

Give your feet a treat with this high quality bath mat from our Accents range

Some people question whether bath mats are unhygienic? However, by washing your bath mat regularly, you should have no issues. And if you want to know how often you should clean your bath mat, read our handy article.

8. Toilet brush and holder

Keeping your toilet clean and hygienic is one of the mainstays of any bathroom cleaning regime. And your toilet brush and holder is integral to this.

Unsightly stains are unpleasant at the best of times, but it’s the unseen bacteria and germs which you need to be more concerned about. Regular cleaning will help to limit the growth of these nasties and prevent limescale build-up, using your toilet brush to scrub around the bowl.

Toilet brushes and holders

For a traditional style bathroom, this vintage-inspired toilet brush and holder from the Accents 1805 black range is ideal

The great thing is, you’ll find a variety of toilet brush and holders to choose from, many of which are designed to complement a specific kind of bathroom style. From stainless steel to stone-effect designs, plus wall hung designs that keep your floorspace free, seek out a toilet brush and holder that matches your needs.

7. Shelves

At No 7 in our list of the essential accessories for bathrooms is the humble shelf. In smaller spaces, storage is often at a premium, so bathroom shelves provide some much-needed relief.

A shelf above your basin will help avoid clutter and give you somewhere practical to store soap (more of which, we’ll talk about later!) and toothbrushes. Meanwhile, shelving above your bath or in your shower area will help place items like shampoo, conditioner and shower gel within easy reach.

Bathroom shelves

Bring order to your basin with the Spencer bathroom shelf from Mode Bathrooms

Bathroom shelving can be as simple or elaborate as you like, with prices starting around the £10 mark. Make sure you look out for materials that are suitable for bathrooms, like toughened glass or stainless steel, and consider a colour or design that matches your bathroom décor.

Discover more bathroom shelf ideas on our blog.

6. Shower caddy

The not-too-distant cousin of the bathroom shelf, shower caddies are, as the name might suggest, designed specifically for use in wet areas like shower enclosures.

Shower caddies usually consist of wire baskets, which allow water to drain through into your shower tray or bathtub, whilst allowing you to store items like shampoo and shower gel.

Shower caddies

Keep all your toiletries in one handy place with this double triangular shower caddy from the Options range by Accents

Available in a variety of designs, shower caddies are usually screwed into the wall (often fitting snugly in a corner), however you can find designs which hook over your shower screen, which is great if you don’t wish to drill into your tiles.

Another variation is the bath caddy (sometimes known as a bath bridge), that fits across your bath, allowing you to keep toiletries, your tablet and even a cheeky glass of wine, close at hand.

For more ways to keep your bathroom organised with shelves and caddies, read our latest article.

5. Soap dish or Soap dispenser

One of the big things we were made aware of during the recent COVID pandemic was the importance of washing our hands. And this cannot be carried out effectively without soap. And, whilst many of us prefer bars of soap instead of liquid soap, there is one thing we can all agree on: soap causes gunk and scum to form around the sink. This is where a soap dish or soap dispenser can prove invaluable.

Soap dishes are designed to hold an average-sized bar of soap, keeping all residue contained. Meanwhile, soap dispensers utilise a pump to deliver liquid soap into your hands, keeping surfaces free from mess.

Soap dispensers

Pump up the style with the Bora Bora ceramic soap dispenser from Accents

Soap dishes and soap dispensers come in all shapes, sizes and styles. With wall hung and freestanding designs, it’s always good to choose something that comes as part of a coordinated range, or, at least, an item that matches the rest of your décor.

Soap dishes

Don't turn your bathroom into a soap opera... Keep things clean and tidy with this soap dish from the Lunar range by Accents

For that extra-special finishing touch, why not make your own organic soap to adorn your new soap dish?

4. Towel rail or Towel ring

Unless you’re providing your guests with paper towels or have a hand dryer fitted to your wall, you’ll need somewhere to hang your towels.

Depending on whether you’re furnishing a cloakroom, ensuite or master bathroom, your needs may range from a single towel ring to multiple towel rails.

Not only do towel rails provide a handy space to hang your towel, they’ll also help them dry. And, let’s face it, no one likes a soggy towel!

Towel rings

Keep hand towels handy with the Accents towel ring

Towel rings are normally positioned next to the basin and work well in downstairs toilets or cloakrooms, where no other towels are required. They come in round or square shapes to complement the general shape of your bathroom suite.

Towel rails

Leave your towels high and dry with the Accents towel rail

Meanwhile, towel rails are more often employed in master bathrooms, where larger towels are required. By positioning your towel rail above a radiator, towels will dry quickly when your heating is switched on. A great alternative to a heated towel rail.

They also come in a huge choice of colours and styles, for both contemporary and traditional bathrooms, so make sure you select one that suits your own tastes.

3. Towels

Of course, a towel rail would be nothing without some nice, fluffy towels to hang from it. And, while you will probably already own a set of towels, you should consider whether they complement your new bathroom décor.

Bathroom towels

Add accent colour with towels that complement your decor

Towels can be used to bring a pop of colour to a monochrome bathroom or match a specific palette, so there’s every reason to invest in something new. For a fully coordinated look, consider purchasing a full towel set which includes hand towels, bath towels and bath sheets, in matching colours and patterns.

2. Toilet roll holder

In the bathroom, there’s nothing more panic-inducing than that moment you realise you’ve run out of toilet roll, and there’s nothing more cringe-inducing than a toilet roll placed precariously on a radiator or countertop.

Choosing the perfect toilet roll holder will go some way to ensuring at least one of these situations never occurs.

Most toilet roll holders are wall mounted, keeping your toilet paper dry and within easy reach of the toilet.

Toilet roll holders

Bring classic styling to your bathroom with the premium traditional toilet roll holder from Accents

As with many accessories for bathrooms, toilet roll holders come in a range of different colours, styles and finishes to complement other items. Some are even included as part of a coordinated accessory set, containing many of the other products in this list, meaning a cohesive style is guaranteed.

Keen on unravelling the history of toilet roll? Read our informative blog post.

1. Mirror

Top of our list of essential accessories for bathrooms is the humble bathroom mirror. However, perhaps humble isn’t the right word, as modern bathroom mirrors come with all sorts of high-tech features, including LED illumination, demisters and even Bluetooth connectivity! They are certainly a little different to other mirrors in your home.

Of course, for those who don’t need such fancy frippery, there are plenty of basic bathroom mirrors to choose from, in all shapes and sizes. Many people also opt to supplement their main mirror with a shaving mirror, for close up tasks.

Bathroom mirrors

For an Art Deco vibe, check out the Beaumont mirror from Accents

Mirrors provide much more than a place to admire yourself. They are also great at enhancing light and creating the illusion of space—a tried and tested interior design trick. And, the great thing is, putting up a bathroom mirror is something you can certainly do yourself.

Illuminated LED mirrors

You can see clearly now... The Mayne LED mirror from Mode Bathrooms features a demister for fog-free use

If you want more from your mirror, there are plenty of options open to you. Some of the best bathrooms mirrors come with LEDs, providing additional task lighting where you need it most. Anti-fog mirrors are also a great choice, as you can use these immediately after a hot shower or bath.

Find out more about the benefits of illuminated mirrors in our handy guide.

Mirror cabinets

The Camberley satin grey mirror cabinet from The Bath Co. is part of a wider range of matching bathroom furniture

And, finally, to add some much-needed storage, why not consider upgrading to a mirrored cabinet? These wall hung units are great for storing smaller items and keeping creams, ointments and medicines away from small hands.

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to mirrored cabinets, with colours and finishes designed to match your chosen bathroom furniture range. They even come with all the modern features mentioned above.

Find out more about buying mirrors and cabinets in our expert guide.

Illuminated mirror cabinets

The Mellor LED mirror cabinet from Mode Bathrooms comes complete with demister and handy charging socket

Choosing the perfect mirror for your needs is our top tip for accessorising your bathroom.


While there may be other accessories for bathrooms that are specific to your needs (for example, grab rails or shower curtains), we feel this list as exhaustive as you’ll get. By ticking off each item in this checklist, and adding to your full order, your bathroom will be comfortable and functional from the very first day you use it. And doesn’t that sound great?

Shop accessories for bathrooms

Make sure you have everything you need for your new bathroom, right down to the smallest detail, with Victoria Plum. Browse our full range of bathroom accessories today by clicking below.

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Author, Adam Chard

Posted by Adam Chard in Buying guides | 5 months ago

A born & raised West Countryman, now living on the Yorkshire Coast, for over 10 years Adam has been bringing home interior ideas to life at Victoria Plum. Adam’s favourite interior styles have been shaped by both urban and natural influences.

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