Designing a bathroom is often about making the most of the space, and a semi recessed basin and unit is a great way of doing that. You gain some handy extra storage, as well as a contemporary and stylish look.

This guide will give you an introduction to semi recessed basins, and an overview of the range available at

What is a semi recessed basin?

This style of basin is half way between a counter top basin and a fully recessed basin and vanity unit. It sits on top of a unit, but projects or hangs over the front rather than being fully fitted within the counter top. They can come in different shapes and designs, with rounded edges or more angular, and can be contemporary or traditional in style.


Semi recessed basins can suit a wide range of bathrooms, whether you want to create a functional family bathroom, a sleek and contemporary retreat, or a traditional bathroom evoking classic style.

For a contemporary and practical look, the Maine Semi Recessed Basin makes an ideal choice, with its rounded bowl shape and understated styling.

Maine Semi Recessed Basin + Waste

Maine semi recessed basin + waste

The Princeton Basin makes more of a style statement with its sleek rounded design and slim sides, perfect for a minimalist contemporary bathroom.

Princeton Basin

Princeton basin

If you prefer a more classic look, you could go for the [Regency Semi Recessed Basin], which features more traditional styling with angled edges and decorative grooves.

Regency Semi Recessed Basin

Regency semi recessed basin

Is a semi recessed basin right for my bathroom?

A semi recessed basin can be a great choice for many types of bathroom. They can be effective in larger bathrooms when part of a unit layout, but this can also make it useful for smaller bathrooms, allowing you to incorporate extra storage.

If you want more of a fitted bathroom look, a semi recessed basin is the ideal choice, as it can easily be incorporated. A [counter top basin] is another option for this style of bathroom if you want a cleaner, more contemporary look.

Fitting a semi recessed basin

A semi recessed basin needs to be properly fitted into your chosen counter top, which can be a tricky job when you want a really clean finish. It’s always best to employ a professional plumber to install your basin to the get the best possible result, as well as make sure everything is properly and safely connected.