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About washstands

For a unique look and feel to your bathroom, ensuite or cloakroom, why not take a look at our stunning range of washstands? Create a traditional Victorian or Edwardian style with one of our sink and chrome washstand combinations, or why not go for something even more luxurious? Washstand buying guide In this comprehensive buying guide from the experts at Victoria Plum, you will discover everything you need to know about buying a washstand for your bathroom before you decide to part with your money. Whether you are renovating your whole bathroom or simply making a few smaller changes, choosing your basin is an important element to consider. Whether you want it to complement your existing décor or to make more of a statement, there are styles and designs available to suit every taste and budget. If you’re someone who likes practicality mixed with style, a washstand may be a good choice for your bathroom or ensuite. By definition, a washstand- otherwise known as a basin stand- is a bathroom piece that incorporates either a small table or cabinet and holds a bowl on top for washing your hands and face. There is generally space around the basin bowl to keep things such as soap and tumblers. The basin area of a bathroom is regularly used and looked at each day, so it is important to invest in a practical, long-lasting design that you also like the style of. We will cover everything you need to know to allow you to make an informed decision. How does a washstand differ from vanity units with sinks and pedestal basins? A washstand basin is often chosen for more traditional bathrooms due to its classic and elegant look. A Victorian-inspired washstand generally features a stainless steel, chrome, aluminium, or ceramic rail with integrated towel rails that act as a storage and hanging facility. The basin is fixed on top of the frame. This style of basin is very different from the popular pedestal basin, which is the most common choice for many homeowners. A pedestal basin is a floor-mounted design that is simple and streamlined, with the pedestal cleverly concealing the pipework behind it. This gives a neat and tidy finish and is often thought of as a space saving solution due to its compact nature. There is no storage space however with pedestal basins. A lot of people, when after a more contemporary look in their bathroom, opt for a vanity unit that includes a connected basin at the top. These are considered as vanity units due to the generous storage section beneath the basin in the cupboard section. The design itself not only holds the basin but conceals the plumbing to create a cleaner finish and makes use of otherwise wasted space with the vanity cupboards. This concept is different to a washstand as the storage shelves are hidden, rather than part of the supported frame. What style and colour should I choose for my washstand? When it comes to choosing which washstand would work best in your bathroom, you can go down the traditional and more Edwardian or Victorian style or opt for bit more of contemporary approach. For a classic look, a washstand with sleek chrome framework and integral towel rail would be a good choice. The basin features high quality square design with bevelled edges and two tap holes, which is very in-fitting with the heritage theme. A chain and plug waste, pillar taps and a bottle trap are often needed. If you want to keep the more classic look but with a beautiful, more modern twist, opt for a timeless, traditional design which combines with high quality modern materials. This style screams luxury with vintage inspired panelling and thicker frame made from engineered wood. The plumbing is exposed however, so you will need a bottle trap. For a modern vibe, choose a stand-out washstand with a sleek steel frame and integrated countertop. This type of premium design can come with both an open storage area and a cupboard with a soft close door. This is the best of both worlds and allows you to grab hold of the things you need instantly as well as hide items from view. Another style with a contemporary feel is a countertop basin. Usually positioned on top of a vanity unit or worktop, this style pairs with either a sleek high rise tap or wall-mounted basin taps. There are a variety of shapes available with tis type of washstand, with classic white bowls and modern square black bowls available for the choosing. The countertop may also boast a marble finish for that designer, luxury look. This design gives the illusion that the basin has been placed on the countertop or vanity unit, creating a clean, minimalistic, finish. There are a range of colours and finishes available. Washstands are available in black, chrome, grey, matt white and white so there is something to suit every style preference and match every bathroom décor. Which type of basin should I choose? The most common choice for a washstand is one that features a single basin. This is standard for many bathrooms, cloakrooms or ensuites as for a household with only a few or one person, this is all that’s needed. A single basin takes up minimal space and allows you to utilise the room to its potential. You could also choose a double basin, however. This idea is often selected if you share a bathroom with another person. A more modern concept, some couples decide they prefer to have a sink each as there is no waiting around to use it. Busy lifestyles equate to lack of time and so it means two people can use the bathroom at the same time to clean their teeth and wash their hands. A double basin may also be a good idea in a larger family bathroom if you have the space to do so. Again, this helps with saving time and means youngers can wash their hands at the same time. A popular choice for a kitchen, inset basins are becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms due to the elegant finish. Perfectly placed in a washstand, an inset basin is also known as an undermount or under counter basin. The way they are fitted gives a very clean, minimalistic look which works well with modern bathrooms and décor. An eye-catching centrepiece design, the basin itself is a great space-saving feature as they can be placed above a shelf or vanity unit to allow for storage. As mentioned previously, a countertop basins offers elegant styling where the bathroom sink sits neatly on top of a vanity unit. This style is very versatile as there are a variety of shapes available, such as angular and clean to a more classic vibe. Sophisticated and chic, the counter top unit discretely hides the plumbing. What materials are washstands made from? The basin itself will either be made from high quality ceramic or resin. A ceramic basin offers a hardwearing and durable approach to bathroom furnishings. The material is resilient to scratches, stains and dents, making it ideal for use in a family home. The smooth surface therefore is hygienic and good for preventing germs as there are no abrasions or groves for them to hide in. Natural resin basins are not fragile and if scratches do occur, there is the option to have it sanded or polished out. This material is very resistant to acids and detergents and is extremely long-lasting so makes for a true investment piece. The surface can withstand heat, wear and tear and a lot of use. The frame of the washstand can be made from a variety of high quality materials. Depending on the style you are after, different finishes allow for different looks. For a contemporary design, look for frames that are generally manufactured from chrome or powder coated steel. If you want a slightly more traditional style or to mimic a spa retreat, engineered wood or solid oak are a good option. Each material can be given a twist of the opposite style however through the use of colours and the type of basin, so don’t be afraid to mix and match with your preferences. There is no one size fits all concept for washstands. What are the advantages of having open storage and hanging areas? A washstand with open storage offers you a good compromise on how to organise your bathroom space. There is just enough open storage to maintain that tidy and uncluttered look. At the same time, it allows you to easily reach for the items that you use frequently. You can also clearly see your belongings, meaning that rifling around in the back of a messy cupboard is a thing of the past. Hanging areas allow for a hand towel to be within close reach. Functional as well as decorative, the slim frame creates a sophisticated look. What type of bathroom is a washstand is perfect for? A washstand delivers a unique look and feel and can be used in a family or main bathroom, ensuite or cloakroom due to the versatility. Particularly good in smaller or compact bathrooms however, washstands create the illusion of extra space as the frame can double as a place to hang towels and the elegant, minimalistic look is slimline and chic. In previous years, washstand basins were often used in a traditional bathroom suite due to the beautiful, classic look. More recently however, modern bathrooms are adopting this type of sink as contemporary styles with vanities are more readily available. What can I accessorise my washstand with? The style of a washstand lends itself to accessorising. For a slim classic frame with open storage, opt for a decorative bottle trap that keeps in theme with the traditional or chrome look. This covers ugly plumbing work and does not compromise the overall appearance of your bathroom. Mixer taps with both hot and cold temperatures also suit the simplistic nature of the washstand. Choose high or low rise, depending on which basin you have opted for. Complement the taps with a matching or similar waste. With space around the basin, especially with a countertop, decorate with practical accessories such as soap dishes and tumblers. This is a great way to add colour to your space as well as form an accent feature. You could decide that actually, the washstand is all about the minimalistic look and is better with nothing surrounding it. Keep in mind that your toothbrush holders and soap will need to go somewhere so closed storage within the vanity may be an option. With so many styles and functions available, there is a washstand for every bathroom. Shop washstands. To browse our full selection of washstands, simply scroll back up this page.

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