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Colourful comfort: How to integrate the Colours of the Year 2024 into your bathroom

Colourful comfort: How to integrate the Colours of the Year 2024 into your bathroom

Posted by Ruth Foster in Inspiration | 4 months ago 12 min read

Curious about which colour scheme will bring your bathroom to life? Our in-house expert Ruth weighs in on the top picks for 2024.

As the leading authorities in colour unveil their top selections for the upcoming year, including household names like Dulux and Graham & Brown, the anticipation builds. But what exactly does this mean for your bathroom decor?

Understanding the concept of a "Colour of the Year" is key to selecting a trending shade for your bathroom. Starting with colour specialists Pantone in 1999, “Colour of the Year” aims to encapsulate the zeitgeist, mirroring societal shifts and trends. Take, for instance, Pantone's 2022 selection, Very Peri, a captivating blend of red-violet and blue, symbolising the collective transition post-pandemic. Prior to that, their 2021 choice of Ultimate Grey and Illuminating sought to infuse a world in turmoil with hope and positivity.

Pantone colour of the year 2023: Viva Magenta

Pantone colour of the year 2023 was Viva Magenta

As time marched on, Pantone were joined by an array of colour connoisseurs, unveiling their own coveted colours of the year amidst great excitement (additional details on these can be found below). With a better grasp of the concept of the Colour of the Year, let's delve into each selection and explore how you can use them to elevate the look and feel of your bathroom. Simply read on or click any of the links below to jump to a section that interests you the most:

Pantone Colour of the Year 2024: Peach Fuzz

We begin our round up with the original colour experts, Pantone, who have named Peach Fuzz as their Colour of the Year for 2024.

As explained in our introduction, for the past 25 years, the Pantone Color Institute have drawn parallels between culture and colour, announcing their Colour of the Year with much fanfare. To arrive at this selection, Pantone’s team of colour experts scan the globe for new colour influences. From movies to fashion, and from design to travel, influences can come from many different parts of life.

In Peach Fuzz, Pantone have picked out a velvety yet gentle peach tone “whose all-embracing spirit enriches mind, body and soul”. And, if we cut through the marketing fluff, we find a welcoming shade that promotes wellbeing and self-care, whilst appealing to people of all ages. It’s soft, reassuring and, as the name suggests, intended to leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

No doubt inspired a little by the Barbiecore trend of 2023, where pink made great in-roads into popular culture, this peachy tone is highly versatile, working with a wide range of neutrals and bolder hues. And, when it comes to the bathroom, we feel Peach Fuzz is an excellent choice, thanks in no small part to its soothing, cosy vibes which can help turn any space into one that’s relaxing and tranquil.

Pantone Colour of the Year 2024: Peach Fuzz

Pantone Colour of the Year 2024: Peach Fuzz

Whilst many of the Colours of the Year from 2023 seemed to promote bolder bathroom palettes, in 2024, Fuzzy Peach would appear to suggest a return to softer, calming shades. In our room set above, we paired Fuzzy Peach walls with a white double vanity unit and brushed brass metallics, to create a welcoming, relaxing shared bathroom space. The simple contemporary lines of the vanity unit and light grey splashback complement this warming tone perfectly, with Terrazzo style floor tiles picking out small flecks in a similar shade.

To bring a new dimension to your colour, why not consider innovative lighting (a big bathroom trend for 2024) in the form of LED mirrors or a wall light?

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Dulux Colour of the Year 2024: Sweet Embrace

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, our homes-not least our bathrooms-serve as sanctuaries, places where we can unwind and truly feel at ease. Recognising this need for comfort and belonging, Dulux has unveiled its Colour of the Year for 2024: the delightfully named Sweet Embrace. This “delicate and optimistic colour” encapsulates the theme of "A place where you belong," providing the perfect backdrop for creating a serene and inviting atmosphere in your bathroom.

According to Dulux, Sweet Embrace is “inspired by the softness of feathers and evening clouds”, bringing a delicate warmth to any space. Its versatility shines through as both a standalone shade and a harmonious complement to a variety of other colours, making it an ideal choice for bathrooms of all styles and sizes. Whether your bathroom boasts abundant natural light or leans towards a more intimate setting, Sweet Embrace adapts effortlessly, infusing the space with a sense of comfort and tranquillity.

Whether you’re seeking to transform your bathroom into a cosy retreat, harness the calming properties of nature or bring a touch of whimsy to proceedings, Dulux have carefully crafted 3 complementary colour palettes: warm, calming and cheerful. So, whichever palette you choose, your bathroom will certainly feel like a place where you belong.

Dulux colour of the year 2024: Sweet Embrace

Dulux Colour of the Year 2024: Sweet Embrace

In our airy loft space bathroom above, we’ve paired Sweet Embrace with another of Dulux’s colours Fresh Foliage, for a cooler, calming tone. These colours (as suggested by Dulux) combine perfectly to create a soothing décor and a retreat in which you can relax and unwind at the end of the day. And, following this cool, calm theme, we’ve included the Dulwich blue slipper bath from Orchard Bathrooms for that added touch of luxury. Black accents, in the form of the bath feet, taps and heated towel rail, provide a contemporary touch, resulting in an eclectic mix that is just as sweet as the wall colour!

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Graham & Brown Colour of the Year 2024: Viridis

Wallpaper specialists since 1946, Graham & Brown have not only picked out a Colour of the Year (which just so happens to be called Viridis) but have also revealed their very own Design of the Year, New Eden.

According to Graham & Brown, the essence of New Eden is based on a Utopian trend, creating spaces that foster warmth, inclusivity and harmony. And Viridis, a wonderfully muted green colour, is key to unlocking this look. Designed to create a warm, welcoming and calming ambience, Viridis is influenced by the lush green hills found throughout the UK, blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

But why is this colour particularly suitable for your bathroom? Well, consider the sanctuary that your bathroom represents—a space where you retreat to unwind and rejuvenate after a long day. By infusing elements of the 'Utopia' trend into your bathroom design, you create an oasis of serenity that transcends mere functionality.

Imagine soaking in a bath surrounded by muted green hues reminiscent of fertile landscapes, or stepping into a shower that evokes the sensation of standing beneath a gentle waterfall. With our Viridis, your bathroom becomes more than just a functional space; it becomes a haven of acceptance and relaxation, inviting you to immerse yourself in a state of blissful tranquillity.

Graham & Brown Colour of the Year 2024: Viridis

Graham & Brown Colour of the Year 2024: Viridis

Viridis provides an expansive and uninterrupted backdrop to this spa-like bathroom. Functional yet stylish furniture gives our space some Japandi style—a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian influences—while the highly contemporary Harrison freestanding bath stands pride of place, ready and waiting for that next moment of bliss.

Inspired by the Japanese principle of Omotenashi, which emphasises hospitality and attentiveness to guests, this colour and overall design concept is particularly suited to guest bathrooms or even cloakrooms—those spaces in which your visitors should feel particularly welcome. And, the great thing is, if you really love Viridis as a colour, it’s available as paint, curtains and blinds, to help keep your décor cool and coordinated.

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Sherwin Williams Colour of the Year 2024: Upward

A big name in the world of American home interiors, Sherwin Williams have unveiled Upward as their Colour of the Year for 2024. This breezy, blissful blue is, according to Sherwin Williams “the colour found when we slow down, take a breath, and allow the mind to clear”. Described as relaxed and carefree, it joins the ranks of positive shades which focus on improving mental health and wellbeing.

Sue Wadden, Director of Color Marketing at Sherwin Williams says: "We knew lighter tones were going to be important in 2024 and 2025 and we wanted to forecast the shift from earthy neutrals to lighter expressions and a light blue like Upward told that story very well.”.

Designed with creative thinking in mind, this optimistic shade couldn’t be more perfect for your bathroom, especially if you love a blue-themed palette. It pairs well with a wide range of neutrals, dark blue, brown and black, making it a highly versatile bathroom colour.

Sherwin Williams Colour of the Year 2024: Upward

Sherwin Williams Colour of the Year 2024: Upward

Upward painted walls, plus white tongue and groove panelling, set the scene perfectly in this soft, relaxing bathroom. Complete with a classic double vanity unit in a simple Shaker style, this space is cool, calming and, ultimately, relaxing. Marble-effect floor tiles and the gorgeous Camberley freestanding bath come together to create a space that is full of Quiet Luxury—a look we’ve explored in great detail with guest designer Helen Skelton.

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Victoria Plum’s Colour of the Year 2024

We’re never one to shy away from making our own trend predictions. In 2022, we picked out Plaster Pink (an airy, positive shade, taken from the earth) as our Colour of the Year and followed this up in 2023 with Ancient Artefact (a strong, earthy brown hue). With both colours inspired by nature, it’s probably unsurprising we’ve selected Graham & Brown’s Wild Rye as our own Colour of the Year 2024.

Graham & Brown describe Wild Rye as “a shade that's inspired by flowing fields of wheatgrass; a refreshing hue of warm green, with yellow undertones”. Amongst many of its qualities is a delightful paleness, which is well suited to creating a relaxing atmosphere, not least when used in the bathroom. We feel the blend of muted, earthy tones, subtle greens and soft yellows gives off a calming energy that complements a spa-like ambience—something that’s highly desirable in any bathroom retreat.

As a highly versatile colour, Wild Rye can be integrated seamlessly with various other design elements, from sleek modern fixtures to timeless traditional accents. It not only brings a sense of nature indoors but also reflects light beautifully, enhancing the overall spaciousness of your bathroom. Its soothing undertones make it an ideal choice to create a refreshing oasis, inviting relaxation and rejuvenation within the confines of your bathroom space.

Wild Rye is the perfect colour choice for 2024 as it aligns with broader design trends favouring nature-inspired, calming and timeless colour palettes. If we were to pick out some buzzwords for this shade, they’d include the following:

  • Uplifting
  • Refreshing
  • Versatile
  • Calming
  • Natural

Victoria Plum’s Colour of the Year 2024: Wild Rye

Victoria Plum’s Colour of the Year 2024: Wild Rye

Here, we've opted to use Wild Rye in a cloakroom to demonstrate how, as a light colour, it's ideal for smaller spaces. Lighter colours enhance the perception of space by reflecting more natural light, creating an airy and open feel. They visually expand smaller rooms, promoting a sense of brightness and openness. Brushed brass accents and fixtures help to enhance this subtle shade, creating an uplifting atmosphere.

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Previous Colours of the Year and colour trend inspiration

If you’re seeking even more colour inspiration for your new bathroom, why not read our recent feature on the key bathroom colours for 2024?

And, if you wish to see what was named Colour of the Year in recent times, check out any of our inspirational articles below:

Working with colour: further ideas and advice

As with all home colour projects, you should feel free to be as creative as you like. After all, it’s your home and you should stamp your mark on it. However, if you need some general guidance, why not check out some of these easy-to-follow articles with accompanying videos:

Already have a colour in mind? Browse these inspiring blog posts:

Whichever bathroom colour you go for, remember to add Victoria Plum products and Share Your Style with us!

Author, Ruth Foster

Posted by Ruth Foster in Inspiration | 4 months ago

As our resident Interior Designer, Ruth is passionate about home-related trends and loves light, airy interiors shaped by organic forms and colours. With a background in textiles for interiors, she is studying for a masters in interior design.

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